Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. We actually had SUN THIS WEEK.  We had a lot of clouds too, but at least several days with no rain, which was marvelous.  I had kind of forgotten what the sun looked like.
  2. We actually had some snow flurries yesterday, which was nuts because it was 65 degrees the day before.    You could see this one cloud just DUMPING it.   Really unusual to see here.  It was really beautiful.  I find it a great irony that we bought a new lawn mower on a day we had snow flurries.  But one random day doesn’t negate the fact that the winter weeds are almost to my knees and Daisy doesn’t want to leave the porch to potty right now.  It’s like 30 degrees outside and hubby will actually be mowing this afternoon…
  3. I had a  pretty good writing this week, cranking out 3177 words over 6 days.  So about on par with last week overall.  I wrote more days.  Some days not a lot (like 14 words yesterday…) but SOMETHING every day.  And I had a couple of nice days over 1k, which made me really happy.  I’m getting back in the groove mentally.  Still need to get some words today.
  4. I made some significant changes to the midpoint sequence that have…essentially invalidated almost all of my planned second half.   It really upped the ante, created much better tension and “How are they gonna get out of THAT?” kind of suspense.  At the moment, I kinda don’t know the answer to that.  But I’m working on it.  I’ve got some ideas of some new players to introduce with this new direction, but I really need to hammer out the ending so I know what I’m working toward.  That’s on today’s do list while I’m house cleaning and doing laundry and all the 8 million catch up around the house chores that have to get crammed into the day.
  5. I’m finally feeling totally back to normal and ready to hit the GIT wagon hard.  I don’t know if I’ll end up running in the morning or not (depends on how cold it is), but if not, then I’ll do my Spartacus workout video.  I feel the need to make up for all the eating out, the sick day processed food, the lack of exercise, and just generally getting my dietary habits back under control.  PORTIONS.   And calorie counting.  I think we’re going to be lowering our carb consumption for hubby as well.  He does well on low carb diets (I don’t), and we need a boost post Christmas.  I can get my carbs in via other meals that we don’t eat together.  That will probably be another week or so, while we finish eating the perishable carby options.
  6. Our living room looks very different.  We inherited a nice sofa from my mom and brought that home yesterday.  It’s GIIIIIINORMOUS.   Eight feet long and super deep.  I look like Lily Tomlin.  Mr. Long Legs fits on it much better than our old worn out one.   We had to do a bit of rearranging and I’ve got to find a new home for one of my tables, but it’s good.  We’re in the process of picking fabric out to recover the chairs and ottomans (my epically awesome Christmas present from my mom).  I’m really looking forward to that.  I LOVE these chairs.  They aren’t the ginormous overstuffed things so popular now.  They’re me sized.  But they REALLY need new cushions.  So that will be good.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. I love the Lily Tomlin image. 🙂

    You’re sparking some thoughts in me with the “how are they gonna get out of that?” thought. I think I play it too safe sometimes and need to force my characters (and thus me) into a corner more. Thanks for the reminder. Great job with word count this week!

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