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Well I’m back at work today.  Judicious use of cosmetics is keeping me from looking like a warmed over corpse, but I am tiiiiiiired.

We’ve had lots of generous donations for prize packs for Lauralynn’s Fundrazr, so I need to get those coordinated and listed and start beating the bushes of social media again.  We’re doing marvelously so far, on the verge of breaking $1k.  A more deserving person, I can’t think of.

I’ve been largely off social media the last few days.  Tired.  Avoiding the overdose of media coverage in the wake of the bombings in Boston.  There was a lot of obnoxious backlash on social media the day that it happened both for people who’d scheduled tweets and weren’t around to take them down and for people who dared to talk about other things, and I just didn’t want to read it.  It was a horrible thing, no question.  My heart goes out to the victims, their families and friends.  But Twitter is international.  Horrible things happen all over the world every day and the rest of the world generally isn’t so self absorbed that they expect everyone else’s life to stop going on.  But oh, not America.  We’re supposed to be the center of the universe and far be it for anyone to ignore that.  That makes me sound heartless, perhaps.  Not the case.  I just don’t think it’s right to smack people down for talking about things that are actually going on and impact their lives personally.  That doesn’t minimize the tragedy.

Lord I’m tired.  I think I blew my entire wad of energy just getting here today.

I’m through episode 7 of season 2 of Downton Abbey.  This show is such a marvelous study in subtext.  The nature of the social strictures of the time period mean that almost no one is free to say exactly what they think, so everybody’s cross talking and making implications and it’s just wonderful.  The characters are delightfully complicated and I love them (even the ones I love to hate).  And the writers…my God, they manage to cram so much story into a single episode.  I feel I’ve watched an entire movie for every one, they manage to follow so many threads.  It’s soap opera, but soap with exquisite writing and story telling.  I definitely see why everyone is addicted.

Back to the great catch up.

One thought on “Back To The Daily Grind

  1. It’s hard to get over the “tired” after you’ve been sick or going through lots of stress. Cosmetics can do wonders, can’t they? 🙂

    Thanks for mentioning me once again. I’m still stunned by the the generosity of everyone.

    You know, the thing that happened in Boston was very sad. And I really feel for all those people. But things are happening to people everywhere, you just don’t hear about them. Life doesn’t stop for the whole world, so people shouldn’t be nasty to other people just because they aren’t talking about the current tragedy. Those people might even have tragedies of their own.

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