Thinking About The No One Is Safe Cast

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Today’s lifetrack, Cinderella Man: Turtle. I actually have NO IDEA what this movie is about (something to do with boxing and obviously starring Russell Crowe since he’s on the cover), but I love the score by Thomas Newman.  It’s very Irish and energizing.  I could use some energizing as all I wanted to do was […]


Back To The Daily Grind

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Well I’m back at work today.  Judicious use of cosmetics is keeping me from looking like a warmed over corpse, but I am tiiiiiiired. We’ve had lots of generous donations for prize packs for Lauralynn’s Fundrazr, so I need to get those coordinated and listed and start beating the bushes of social media again.  We’re […]


Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

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So we’re on Sick Day 2 here at Casa Nolan.  I spent all yesterday as a couch jockey and finally watched all of the first season of Downton Abbey.  It’s safe to say I am addicted.  I’m some better today but I blew all my energy running into town for what was SUPPOSED to be […]