Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

It’s been a busy busy week already.

Yesterday Daisy had her neurology follow up, so I spent the first several hours of my day up there with her.  She got a good report and possibly I lost all sensation in my fanny from sitting on the hard floor with her for 3 hours.  I could’ve used a chair, but she was happier with me close.  SHE had a bed anyway.  There was a room full.  One poor golden retriever was having seizures.  Another lady had her pooch in for big eye issues.  She was SEVENTEEN (the pooch, not the owner).  And there was another little mutt with back problems who made friends with Daisy, and a weenie dog in for a second round of major back issues.  I got the whole waiting room talking.  It’s the therapist in me.  I learned last year when we went through the stroke with Daisy that talking helps.  So we all swapped stories about our babies.

Then it was back to work and hitting the ground running, trying to cram an 8 hour day’s worth of work into 3.  Today I’m diving in, working on teaching stuff, wrapping up a paper. Summer semester finals start today, and I’ve GOT to get my courses set up for fall.   That semester starts the 19th.  Priority one is knocking out Abnormal since that class is written and I just have to get dates and such set, the syllabus updated, course calendar set…  A lot of work to save me time on the back end.

Also yesterday, my writer pal Lisa Kroger had her second child.  Welcome Eli!

Last night I had one of my VERY RARE bouts of insomnia.  I wasn’t upset or worried or anything.  My brain was just going 90 to nothing on about three different books.  Naturally none of them are the one I’m WORKING ON.  One is the next project, Anything But Love.  One was the reboot I’m planning for DOTH (which is so different from the original incarnation that was such a disaster…and that’s totally fine because I really don’t want to touch the original concept with all its myriad of issues with a thirty-nine and a half foot pole).  And one was this short contemporary bunny I came up with over Christmas last year centered around White Christmas, which is one of my FAVORITE movies of all time.  It was that one I ended up getting up to read.  Really liked what I had, so I might pick it up and play a bit as I move forward on ABL, once I’m totally done with Riven.

On that note, I am down to TWO CHAPTERS in Revision Hell.  One is totally new material.  The other is expansion.  SO FLIPPING CLOSE.  Hubby will be taking our niece to Atlanta this Saturday to drop her back with her folks, and he has to work on Sunday (bless him).  Which means I have a totally empty, QUIET house for two whole days.  I intend to burrow in and not talk to a soul until these revisions are DONE.

See y’all on the other side.

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