Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

I finished Revision Hell on Riven on Sunday.

Since Monday, I have finished re-recording the three lectures that got screwed up; created test banks for 8 more chapters; set up practice tests, quizzes, unit exams, and the final; set release dates for EVERYTHING; and generally continued to turn my brain into so much mush.

So I haven’t started line edits yet (that’s for tonight).

Instead I watched the Season 3 premier of Hell on Wheels, and last night finished the ebook I was reading and started another.  And with the new one got slapped in the face with an epiphany about what’s been seriously lacking in almost everything I’ve picked up lately:


What I started, Donna Kauffman’s Sugar Rush, is PACKED with it.  She’s got this great, conversational style that feels like your BFF just telling you the story.  Contrasted to the other stuff I’ve been reading, the other stuff feels WRITTEN–as in clunky and obvious rather than easy and smooth.  I realized that I can forgive a multitude of craft issues and less than perfect plot construction if the book has a great voice (or pretty prose).  So I promptly grabbed 2 more in this series from the library.

It’s rainy today.  We’ve had a lot of summer thunderstorms the last month or so, but this is the first actually rainy DAY we’ve had in a while.  My trees will be happy.  I’d be happiER if I could stay home and work in my quiet, dim house instead of getting out in it to go to the office.  But it is what it is.

I leave you with a FUNNY shared with me by my hubby this morning:

One thought on “Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I was just thinking about voice and characterization as well, trying to sort out why I am loving the book I’m reading so much more than some others I’ve read lately. I just feel like I know these people, like I’m there with them.

    Glad you got through Revision Hell. Hope the line edits are going well!

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