Sunday Summary

  1. It’s quiet in our house.  The pups are snoozing.  We don’t even have the TV on for background noise (actually a fairly rare thing with my hubby).  And it’s raining.  We’re having a nice low key, lazy day after all the family has gone.  I’m in COMFY CLOTHES.
  2. I’ll be doing a fair bit of cooking later to prep for the week.  I wanna try making a variation on this Chipotle Butternut Squash Soup, which showed up in my inbox this morning.  It was providence.  I’ve got a butternut squash that needs using.  I had intended to start my calorie and macronutrient counting a couple of weeks ago, and then everything blew up. Something always has to go when things like that happen and detailed measuring and counting of things tends to be it.  I can narrow it down to “eat real food” instead of processed crap, and that usually gets me through.  Of course after 2 days of eating beef (which no longer agrees with me), I’m now paying for it.  One does not complain at the offerings of a funeral spread.  It’s super rude.   So detox this week.
  3. I finally started playing Dragon Age Origin yesterday.  I died a couple times while I remembered how the heck to game on a computer as opposed to a video game system.  Got super excited last night when Susan told me I can get a dog.  Having pets was one of my favorite parts of playing WoW.  We won’t talk about how much time I have invested in the past figuring out the right name for said pets.  It’ll probably take me a year to get through the game playing in little fits and starts, but at least I started.
  4. Round 4 of ROW80 starts tomorrow.  I need to give some thought to my goals for the round.  Maybe after a nap.  Or some reading.  Or both.
  5. I just have…nothing interesting to say today.  I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

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