Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Well if you’ve been around the blog at all, you’ll know that I finished and released Be Careful, It’s My Heartwhich was my biggest goal for this round of ROW80.
  2. My goals for the rest of the round (we have about a month left) have shifted somewhat.  I decided I wanted to write my ebook formatting class, which I haven’t begun yet.  That’ll be after Thankgiving.
  3. That, too, gives me a chance to see how my various books perform through the Christmas season.  I’ve been focused on regaining traction with my Mirus audience after such a long time apart, and that hasn’t gone quite as smoothly as I’d hoped.  Be Careful is something of an experiment–completely outside the genre around which I built a brand.  I’m infinitely curious as to how it will be received.  In general, contemporary romance as a genre is hot hot hot right now (and I don’t just mean the smexy new adult tends).
  4. From a purely practical standpoint, if BC does better than my paranormal stuff, then the bulk of my focus will likely shift to contemporary for a while.  It’s what I’ve been pulled to write the last year or so and have (other than this novella), largely resisted because I felt it was a disservice to my established fanbase.  But that fanbase isn’t as wide or enduring as I’d hoped (which is not a surprise–two years is a very long time to disappear in this business) and I have to do what makes the most financial sense.  Which is not to say that I’m abandoning my Mirus series or leaving paranormal altogether, but it won’t be receiving the lion’s share of my attention.
  5. The ability to make that change, to try new things, and write what I’m pulled to write is part of what I love about self publishing.    As my interests or the market or my abilities change and grow, I can adapt with them.  And that’s a glorious sort of freedom.  I hope those new directions are something that readers will enjoy.
  6. In other news, today I am DOING ALL THE THINGS to catch up from being gone last week and prepare for Thanksgiving.   Lots of chores, cooking, and other stuff.
  7. Is anybody else completely freaking out that they haven’t started Christmas shopping?

5 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. I’m going to be reading Be Careful as soon as I’m done with one of the books I’m reading right now. 🙂

    Yes, I’m freaked out that I haven’t started Christmas shopping. But I’m going to sit down with my FlyLady control journal, make a list, do some planning, and get it under control.

  2. Good for you taking charge of genre changes and trying new things. You’re so right about that aspect of being an author/publisher. There is so much freedom. Sometimes that’s a pain, mostly it’s great. Hope BC goes stella! 🙂 Love the cover.

    I haven’t done anything for Christmas yet (save decorating the tree) and I’m off the UK (I live in Dubai) for pre-Christmas celebrations with family, including 7 kids, four siblings, and my mom (who needs a birthday prezzie too), a Christening, and a ‘congrats, your pregnant again’ prezzie required – I need to take a mortgage and fit in a shop day! URGENTLY. It’s too expensive to shop here, so I’ll do it in UK. Can’t wait though. 🙂

  3. Regarding holiday shopping, I’m just waiting for my family members to send some money for the kids. Rather thank just fork over cash, I always buy something on their behalf. I never know when they’ll send stuff. That’s what rattles me during the holiday season. I always fear getting the money and then only being able to shop on the 24th.

  4. Congratz on Be Careful! Personally, I’d love to see the eBook tutorial, as I’ve embarked on my first self-pub effort and would love some guidance on the technical aspects other than “Use Smashwords”–I’m almost certain there’s more to it than that–and can totally see the demand for more info. 🙂

  5. Well, that’s what I get for not bopping over here more often! I didn’t know about the new book! Congrats, Kait. I’m eager to read it!

    Have a lovely round! Thrilled to know you’re still writing, writing, writing. I’ve really enjoyed your work.

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