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I keep trying to think of things to talk about and I keep bumping up against Christmas.  It’s on my mind partly because my head’s been immersed in White Christmas all during the writing of Be Careful, It’s My Heart, and because I totally admit to starting my Charlie Brown Christmas Pandora station two whole weeks ago (no shame).  But also because it’s so…IN YOUR FACE.  Retailers everywhere had Christmas stuff out before Halloween was even off the shelves.  And now I hear that there are all these stores that will be OPEN on THANKSGIVING.

Leave it to America to ruin a holiday that’s supposed to be about gratitude with blatant and crass commercialism.

THE ONLY high point to all of this is that the big sales are starting early and I can probably knock out my Christmas shopping entirely online this week.  Given I’ve been promising myself I’d shop throughout the year and be done by now, I’ll accept a chance to do it all with Amazon Prime and be done. 

It’s going to be a weird holiday.  My husband has to work his usual 12 hour shift.  Emergency personnel never get off, as they’re 24/7 services.  His mom and I are making food to take up to them.  And then it’ll be a small family gathering.  I’ve already started the cleaning and early food prep.  We’re pretty traditional as far as food.  I’m in charge of the turkey (I always brine) and the dressin‘ (which I learned at the elbow of MY grandmother).  My mother-in-law will make the sweet potato casserole (the kind with the marvelous pecan topping that tastes like dessert–none of your creepy marshmallows).  And my mom will make hot pineapple salad, which sounds weird, I know, but, I promise, is marvelous.  She also has this asparagus casserole that I personally think is revolting (anything that uses CANNED asparagus doesn’t constitute actual food).  One of these days, I’m going to remake the recipe using all fresh ingredients.  And then, of course, there will be PIE.  Chocolate this year, I think.

What are your Thanksgiving dishes?  

7 thoughts on “Thinking About Thanksgiving

  1. We have a slightly simpler feast at my house and it is all made by my husband. He loves cooking the feast. We’ll be having mashed yams, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, jellied/canned cranberries, fresh cranberries, dinner rolls, obviously turkey, and pie. It is just our favorites/staples.

    I do believe that Thanksgiving has always been an over looked holiday. Though this year it is later than usual, so I can almost forgive it (early decorations and music). However, I’m not keen on what the stores are doing. I don’t care that they lost 10 shopping days compared to last year. People need to be with their families.

  2. My mom cooks way too many things. Last night at dinner, my husband kept peppering my mom with “What can Susan do?” Do you want Susan to make this? Do you want Susan to make that.? Oh, he’s so helpful. My mom let’s me off the hook as much as she can because she knows I don’t like to cook. But there are a few things (allegedly) only I can do to which she is powerless to refuse.

    I suppose I should feel guilty for not wanting to contribute more. But honestly, I already made the only grandchild and continue to not sell it to gypsies. Most of the time I feel like that’s enough.

  3. Congrats on Be Careful, It’s My Heart! I love Christmas music SO MUCH, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to turn it on yet. Only because that will make me freak out about it being the end of the year lol.

    Since our families live far away, we always just cook way too much food and do lots of experiments. Now that we’ve been doing it for a few years though, we have some favorites! I’ve never made biscuits or gravy or whipped cream, so those are the new things for this year. I laughed so hard at “your creepy marshmallows.” I LOVE THEM so our casserole has both the pecans and the marshmallows. It’s dessert disguised as vegetable. Have a great Thanksgiving <3

  4. I hate your husband has to work on Thanksgiving. I think my youngest son has to work (security has to always be there, too), but not until that night.

    Thanksgiving has ended up being at my house for the last 4 or 5 years, which I actually prefer. MIL won’t be there this year because she’s going to Atlanta to my BIL’s. We are going to have two small turkey breasts (one plain and one Cajun, a small ham, crock pot mac n cheese, fried okra, mashed potatoes, dressing, sugar-free apple pie, and a pumpkin pie if I can find any pumpkin. The store I went to Saturday had NO pumpkin. My oldest son will be disappointed if there’s not pumpkin pie. 🙁

    1. Sorry your husband has to work but l’m so thankful for emergency personnel. All my shopping is done! l’m taking food to my parents at the nursing home b/c their food isn’t so hot. l usually make the usual stuff but this year l’m making sweet potato pancakes b/c l have to combine Thanksgiving and Chanukah.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Kait! Congrats on your new release! Like you, I think the store hours are ridiculous. I am soooo grateful to be out of retail and I will be spending my first Thanksgiving in 6 years with my family to celebrate! Woohoo! I also have started shopping, all online. It’s so much easier. The parking lots are already insane and the crowds just bring back bad retail memories and make my eyes twitch. “It’s too soon! Save me!”

    Here’s to a little R & R. Cheers, friend!

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