Looking for Holiday Book Recs

Okay people, I want book recommendations for HOLIDAY ROMANCES.  I posted this query on Facebook and Twitter yesterday and didn’t get too much of a response.

I’ve had my head in the world of the holidays for the last few months as I finished up Be Careful, so now I’m IN THE MOOD for some holiday cheese.  What are your favorite book versions that elicit the same happy holiday mood as your favorite holiday movies?


10 thoughts on “Looking for Holiday Book Recs

  1. There’s a short story collection called the Gift of Love that’s super cute. It has 5 stories, and only 3 are worth reading, but “5 Golden Rings” by Judith O’Brien is still one of my favorite sappy short stories. Good luck finding some warm & fuzzy holiday reads!

  2. Last Christmas by Talli Roland, A Christmas Caroline by Cnristina Paige, Reindeer Wars by Liesle Sherwood Fabre, and of course [coming very soon] Tasteless Holidays and Silver Dreidels by yours truly.,

  3. Wild Goose Chase Christmas by Jennifer Ailee (M/F, cute guy, treasure map in a quilt design).
    Vicar of Passmore & Christmas In Passmore by Mark Alders (M/M, very cute).
    Carol of the Bellskis & Miracle of the Bellskis ; also Holiday Outing by Astrid Amara (M/M, Hannukah).
    Holiday Man by Marilyn Brant.

  4. I can’t remember the name of the author or book but last year I read a charming story about a love story at The Biltmore at Christmas. Sweet and wonderfully light, like a wedding ball. Google it. 🙂

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