Planets Aligning

You know, sometimes things just work out.

Like, well, everybody, we always have a running list of stuff we’d like to buy.  Things around the house, equipment, whatever.  So when Christmas rolls around and we get some money, it usually gets put into a fund for something big.  This year’s big purchase is going to be a king sized bed (waiting for President’s Day, as apparently they tend to go on sale then).  Which we’re super excited about.  We’ve NEEDED a king sized bed from the beginning, but there sure as heck wasn’t room for one in our last house.  So this is going to be a great purchase.  But it left the deep freeze and the treadmill I want on the list for later.

And then…

One of my friends is moving in April.  The moving part is full of suck, however, she’s got an upright deep freeze that I’m buying from her for $50.  No idea if it’s frost free or not, but it’s FIFTY BUCKS.  I’ve SO wanted to do more batch cooking and freezing of meals, and the wee tiny freezer I have (the size of a college dorm fridge) just doesn’t hold much.   So this was the ideal solution.

And the treadmill.  I’ve thought about getting one several times in the past.  They’re easier on my knees than jogging on pavement and so on, but I figured, if I was outside, I’d have the dogs with me.  Which was absolutely true until Daisy had her stroke.  Since then, we go on very short walks that are totally for her, not for any real exercise purposes for us.  So I decided to sell my recumbent bike (and some other stuff we didn’t need or use) to save up for a treadmill.  Turns out, another friend of mine has a nice treadmill they never use just hanging out in the garage and she wants the recumbent bike.  So we’re going to trade.  Meaning absolutely nothing out of pocket and I’m saved the pain in the butt of taking pictures and listing the bike.  SWEET!  Since I have a dedicated gym room in this house, there’s actually plenty of room to put it in the corner and still have room to do weights and yoga and such.   Given it’s in air conditioning, I can get back to jogging again (without worrying about it being too hot or too cold or even having to look at the fact that the sun is not actually up yet and the moon is still high in the sky).  And hubby can use the treadmill where he couldn’t really use the bike (his super long legs were too long to pedal properly).  Win win all around.

I love how things line up sometimes!

3 thoughts on “Planets Aligning

  1. Lovely, Kait! Are you going to try writing while on the treadmill? I’ve heard some people do that….I have an exercise bike, and I can read while on it (although it slows me WAY down) but I don’t think I could write with that much motion.

    1. Given my parents used to call me Grace with utter sarcasm (thanks Mom and Dad), I don’t think that’s a good idea. I value my laptop and my lack of banged up appendages too much! I read on the exercise bike all the time (if you have a HIIT timer on your phone, it helps remind you when to pedal faster and stuff), but I won’t be trying to do that while jogging. There’s a TV in there, so I can start catching up on all these shows people tell me I need to watch!

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