Snow Day Silliness


Whee!  Of course we aren’t actually OFF.   We tend to not get the kind of snow that’s a problem.  It’s rarely cold enough to actually stick.  Although it’s still 23 outside today, so it could happen.  MAYBE there will be enough accumulation that I can make a SNOWMAN (which, in my world, is anything at least 12 inches tall)!  Which I will dub BOB.  Because, for some reason, all snowmen are Bob for me.  I have no idea why.  It’s a tradition I started when I was a kid.  It says a great deal that I’m 33 and only on Bob, VII.

ANYWAY, it puts me in the mood to SING!  Okay, if I’m honest, I’ve been in the mood to sing since I saw Frozen on Sunday.   What can I say?  I think it would be awesome if life was a musical.  Can anybody else say Once More With Feeling?   I was belting Broadway tunes while fixing breakfast this morning.  Callie left the room and Daisy looked quite alarmed.  :shakes head:  Everybody’s a critic…


8 thoughts on “Snow Day Silliness

  1. I’ve been wanting snow all winter, and now we have some on the ground! (See my FB photo.) I know how you feel. Kind of like a kid. 🙂 The guys are already threatening to throw snowballs at me. Our snow is supposed to continue for another 3 or 4 hours. How long is it supposed to snow there?

  2. I live just a few miles from this guy and my front yard looks much like his. You’re welcome to come build s many Bob’s as you want as tall as you want. Some of the local shopping malls clear their parking lots pushing the snow into huge piles in the corner creating mini-mountains that are often taller than the buildings. The local kids sneak in at night with their sleds when there’s no traffic around.

      1. Hey, I’m only about 100 miles north of Buffalo. There was a second article in today’s paper about avalanches closing the only highway into Valdez, Alaska.

  3. I’m not a fan of snow unless it’s during Christmas lol but I do like the look of freshly fallen snow.
    It’s snowing here today and the local school system decided to tough it out and stay open but by 11am the weather called their bluff and it was pandemonium trying to pick the kids up from school without sliding off the road into a ditch. It doesn’t help that we have a car without 4 wheel drive and live on the side of a mountain in Tennessee.
    On a side note: I’ve never built a snow man before… I wonder if I could actually do it with the snow we have on the ground today.

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