Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Well, the ServPro guy tried REALLY hard to get us back in our house yesterday for our anniversary.  Bless him.  Everything from the laundry room up TO the living room is dry.  But the wood floors aren’t quite there yet.  They’re steam cleaning on Monday, so there’s no reason to start putting stuff back yet.  The carpets, walls, and such are fine.  It’s just the wood floors that need replacing.  Still waiting on the insurance adjuster to find out about that.
  2. I spent a few hours yesterday afternoon compulsively cleaning what I could clean, doing laundry (after putting in new hoses), etc.   I managed to clear out a space in my office around my desk to try to work a little, and space to get to the guest room bed so I could take a nap.   Then Hubs and I had a really lovely anniversary dinner out at a restaurant next town over.  They were super.  Even specially battered the pickles in cornmeal so he could have fried pickles as an appetizer.   We will definitely be going back.   I had a KILLER yellow fin tuna steak with some fabulous sauteed veggies.
  3. Due to the flood, there’s not a lot to report on the writing front.  I don’t function particularly well in chaos, which is often why when things are crazy, I plot.  Because I bring order to chaos somewhere ELSE.  I’ve been doing some work on another Mirus novel, revisiting Clementine.  Still got a lot of details to sort, but a pretty good framework.  I’m getting to know my hero (Corin) and shero (Milan) and their backstories, which have been really interesting.  One of the things I love about exploring this world, is finding out all the hidden stuff in it and seeing how all these disparate details actually connect.
  4. I am trying to get Whisper of Shadow permafree on Amazon.  If y’all could be so kind as to report the lower price from iBooks, Barnes and Noble, or Kobo, that would be ever so helpful!
  5. For anyone who’s been waiting, Once Upon A New Year’s Eve is now out on other platforms.  You can find it at  Barnes and NobleiBooks, and Smashwords.  It’ll show up at Kobo eventually, but they’re hideously backlogged with absorbing all of Sony’s stuff.
  6. I’m about to head back on over to the house during this lull in the rain, to continue scaling Mount Washmore.  

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. I have my fingers crossed for you regarding the flooring! And despite everything going on I’m glad you were able to have such a nice anniversary. Wishing you a return to normal ASAP.

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