The Great Flood

I’m in a seriously craptastic mood this morning.  It’s been a shitty few days.

My house flooded on Thursday.  Feed line to the washing machine blew up (PSA: Replace your hoses every 4 to 5 years).  My husband was only gone for 45 minutes taking Daisy to the vet.  Given how much water there was in just that short span of time, I’m so so grateful that he was off that day.  If it had been another 2 hours until I got home, it would have been the whole house instead of just a third.   Between my husband, myself, and my MIL, we soaked up as much as we could.  The two shop vacs sucked up 20-30 gallons.  We’ve been jumping through all the relevant hoops.  ServPro has come out (they are AWESOME).  The walls are fine, the carpets are probably fine.   None of the furniture or electronics were damaged (a MIRACLE).  It was a HOSE instead of the washer itself, so we don’t have to buy a new one of those.

It looks like the only thing that will have to be replaced are the wood floors in the living room–which is a problem in and of itself because I will fall down and die of shock if the insurance company agrees to pay for replacing ALL the wood floors in the house (given that they cannot be matched) instead of trying to throw down a threshold where there currently is none so they only have to do one room.   We’ll see what they say.  Hubs and I have agreed to at least price how much it would be to buy flooring for the entire house, even if we have to wait a while to get it installed in the rest of the house.   Thing is, we hate our current floors anyway, so if something has to be replaced even partially on insurance, we’re changing it out to what we WANT.

Either way, we’ve been at my in laws’ since Thursday night.  They’re wonderful, don’t get me wrong.  But we miss our house, our space, our routine.  Our 11th wedding anniversary is today.  And we’re…displaced.

To top it all off, since we’re not in our own house on our normal routine, neither the dogs nor the call of nature woke me up this morning as usual, so I was an hour and a half late to the coffeeshop this morning and they were already out of biscuits.  And within 15 minutes of getting set up to work (at least my booth was free), this family with a baby and 2 year old immediately comes and sets up in the booth next to me (when almost the entire downstairs is empty), then whips out the iPad so that the kids can watch Frozen with no headphones.

:looks around:  I’m sorry, do you not see that someone is TRYING TO EFFING WORK HERE?

What is WRONG with people?

I mean, yes, I’m totally HANGRY right now, but IMO that’s just rude under any circumstance.   Mostly I just feel like having a big ugly cry.  Which I won’t do because a) public, b) that will give me a migraine, and c) it will ruin my makeup.

I don’t know how much I’m going to manage to get done, but I need to do something.  I haven’t been able to write in 2 days.


6 thoughts on “The Great Flood

  1. Seriously? People can’t watch movies at their own houses and/or have their kids NOT watch something for once?
    Hope the floor replacement goes smoothly!

  2. People who can’t be bothered to interact with their children (which helps said children not to bother other people) is one of my biggest pet peeves. Such freaking solipsism!

    I had a washer hose blow once, but was lucky that I was home at the time. My sympathies!

    I’m not having much luck working myself today. Sending hugs and good vibes your way.

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