Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. I love the internet.  It makes research so much easier.  And harder in some ways too because you don’t always find what you need first.  Yesterday I stumbled across the thing I’ve been looking for for about four months, since I started To Get Me To You.  It was one of those things where I just didn’t know the right search terms.  I wish I’d found it a month ago when I did the revision to my outline.   But I didn’t.  I found it now.   So…what to do?  I could either keep going with the revised outline I did last month (I’m up to PP1 rather than the MP, which is where I expected to be by now, but with my grandmother’s passing, I’m a bit behind schedule) or I could revise the outline again.
  2. I decided to take the weekend and work up a new outline.  There are a few lingering issues with the first revision I did.  I kind of expected them to sort themselves out as I moved forward.   But this new outline clarifies it from the get go.  It wouldn’t be a start over.  A fair amount of the middle (mostly as yet unwritten anyway) would change.   It’s clearer on a lot of points.  And it would eliminate the subplots I had going on in the existing outline.  I think I’m allergic to subplots.  All the time I’ve spent writing novellas and shorts have me trained out of never using them, so they feel very clunky and unwieldy when I try.    I’ve sent it off to my CPs for feedback and am going to sleep on it before making a final decision, but I’m kind of taking the fact that I’m not panicking as a big sign that I’m headed in the right direction.   The thing is, this book sets the foundation for the series, so it needs to be right, whatever it takes to make it that way.
  3. Honestly, I kind of can’t remember the rest of my week.  There was work stuff.  Exercise stuff.  Nothing memorable.  Still trying to diagnose my treadmill’s issue.  So while that’s going on, I’ll be trying some alternate forms of cardio.
  4. Oh, speaking of exercise stuff, I’m thinking about getting a Fitbit One.  Been reading reviews and talking to people who have one.   I think I’m about ready to pull the trigger.  I’ve been watching Amazon and the price seems to fluctuate almost daily, so I’m going to wait until it falls again.  I think it would be good to have some better data on my level of activity outside of straight exercise.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. The fitbit one is pretty good. The nice thing about that one is the altimeter. I replaced it with the flex but I miss that part. I’m hoping they come out with a fitbit force replacement. But you can’t go wrong with the fitbit.

  2. I’m replotting a novel right now, and I agree with your decision: As soon as you know something’s a little off, stop and see if you can fix it! (This is actually my third or fourth rewrite or something; I’ve lost track.) Hope you enjoy the result! I’m sure it will be great.

    See you next round!

  3. Honestly, writing novellas is addictive. The plots are more condensed and move faster. I don’t mind the lack of subplots, but when I go back to the novel I’ve temporarily shelved, I’ll have to remind myself that the subplots are there for a reason.

    Happy writing, Kait!

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