Dance Me A Dream by Kait Nolan

Next up in our Romancing The Holidays countdown is my own contribution to the set, the 7th story in my Wishful series, Dance Me A Dream.    I have a serious soft spot for this story.  I actually wrote it LAST Christmas when I couldn’t find what I wanted to read or watch (and hoo buddy, you can […]

Brand New Wishful Novel–Turn My World Around!

Hola readers!  I know, I’ve been quiet for ages.  It’s because I’ve been head down writing writing writing!  This is the first of those products, a book that wasn’t even on the production schedule this year.  :gives Tucker the side eye:  Nevertheless, here it is, Wishful #6, Turn My World Around.  What’s the statute of limitations on […]

Late Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

I’m just getting around to this over a quick breakfast before running in to work.  It’s been a super busy week with the teenager moving in.  She’s just about settled.  We got art hung yesterday.  Now she’s just working on organizing her desk and office supplies. Hubs and I took her to see Ghostbusters (original 1984 […]

Another New Release! Virtually Yours

Okay, so I’m a little late in reporting the release of Virtually Yours.  It actually came out the day after Just For This Moment, but I didn’t want to overwhelm with the awesome.   Virtually Yours is a Virtual Match anthology.  What’s Virtual Match? Virtual Match is your one-stop shop to convincing those nosy relatives, […]

It’s Release Day! Just For This Moment

It is HERE, y’all!  Just For This Moment, the exciting conclusion to Myles and Piper’s story (begun in Once Upon A Setup) and the fourth book in my Wishful series.  OMG, I love these two so, so much.  Myles is my favorite Wishful hero to date (I know I say that with every one but still).  I’ve […]

Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

Look at me.  I’m actually remembering to blog ON Sunday for the Sunday check-in.  This is largely because I have actual progress to report. I officially hit THE END on Just For This Moment Friday night.  Myles and Piper were a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing them out in the world.  The […]

And We’re Off…A New Shiny and #ROW80 Update

Okay so I’m late with this #ROW80 update, but it’s because I have started a new shiny.  The holiday themed story that was SUPPOSED to be a Meet Cute has evolved into a full novella.  Because OF COURSE. [iframe src=”” width=”500″ height=”202″ frameBorder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen][/iframe] I’d been worried since I knocked out my NaNo novel […]

Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Progress Report

I am officially ready to move into a bubble.  After last week’s cold, I ended up with a 24 hour stomach bug Thursday of THIS week.  I have since bought more probiotics and immune booster vitamins in gummy form (because I’m a lot more likely to take my vitamins if they’re gummies).  Also got my […]

Know Me Well Sneak Peek: Meet Liam

Know Me Well releases TODAY!  You can grab your copy from Amazon, iBooks, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, or  Kobo.  Meanwhile, here’s your introduction to ex-Marine Liam Montgomery! ~*~ Liam could still feel Riley shaking. His instincts shouted to soothe and protect, and he was becoming very aware that the woman in his arms was a long damn […]

Know Me Well Sneak Peek: Meet Riley

Since Know Me Well releases TOMORROW, I thought it would be good to give y’all a sneak peek introduction to my shero, Riley.  She’s one of those heroines who turned out completely different from how I originally envisioned her.  Mule stubborn wasn’t on her initial character profile, but as things got rolling, that’s exactly how she […]