And We’re Off…A New Shiny and #ROW80 Update

Okay so I’m late with this #ROW80 update, but it’s because I have started a new shiny.  The holiday themed story that was SUPPOSED to be a Meet Cute has evolved into a full novella.  Because OF COURSE.

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I’d been worried since I knocked out my NaNo novel over the weekend because in the wake of November, I really felt like I’d lost my momentum and that the whole get up before dawn and write wasn’t going to be a thing I could maintain.  Turns out, I just need to have something plotted and actually be ready to go.  I ripped out a scene last night (between baking for a holiday party tonight) and another before walking the pups this morning.  Sixteen to go.  And really, this makes sense.  I can evidently write without my brain being fully online (my internal editor preferring to start her days later), but I can’t actually PLOT without being fully conscious.

Of course this wasn’t at all what was supposed to be next.  I’m SUPPOSED to be plotting out Myles and Piper’s novella (and I will, once I’m off for the holiday).  But whatever.  I always enjoy playing with a new shiny.  And, frankly, it gives me the feels to make Tara happy.  She’s had such a rough time of it and she totally pulled at me from the moment she showed up in Know Me Well.  Plus, I’m not going to have time to watch all the usual holiday movies, so this satisfies my holiday cheesey requirement.

Now I’ve got to think of a new title since it’ll be a part of the Wishful series proper, rather than a spin off Meet Cute.

Meanwhile, it’s time to deck the house for the holidays.  Hubby got us both a big Christmas present this year and hired a cleaning service to deep clean the house yesterday.  SO AWESOME!  I don’t think our house has been THIS clean since we moved in.  Tree tomorrow night, just in time for our party Saturday.

4 thoughts on “And We’re Off…A New Shiny and #ROW80 Update

  1. You’ve been writing like crazy lately!

    You don’t have your tree up? I thought we were the only ones. LOL. We got ours a couple of days ago, but there’s nothing on it yet. It smells good, though!

  2. Haven’t had time. Hubs had to work last weekend and I can’t get it by myself. I considered it a feat that I managed to get up a wreath with a proper bow. 😀

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