Late Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I’m just getting around to this over a quick breakfast before running in to work.  It’s been a super busy week with the teenager moving in.  She’s just about settled.  We got art hung yesterday.  Now she’s just working on organizing her desk and office supplies.
  2. Hubs and I took her to see Ghostbusters (original 1984 version) on the big screen yesterday afternoon.  You gotta love a kid who appreciates 80s cheese.  So many of them see the special effects that look lousy compared to the fancy computer generated kind today and turn their noses up, but she dug it.  We also introduced her to The Princess Bride last night.  These are the first in a very, very long line of items on her remedial geek education list.  She loved that, too, so that’s a yay.
  3. I cranked out 11,745 words on the new book last week.  Nearly 8k of those were since Friday.  So I seem to have hit my stride with this one (remind me I said that now that I’ve taken my first steps into the Dreaded Valley of the Shadow of the Middle).  Coming back to Wishful is always fun and familiar.
  4. Yesterday I also had a bit of a bucket list moment.  To Get Me To You finally hit 100 reviews on Amazon.  My first book to get there.  So that was super exciting.  It’s the threshold I’ve been waiting for before going after a BookBub ad.  Which may or may not make a difference in acceptance, but it seemed a good metric anyway.  Rumor has it that Amazon does a lot of pushing of stuff in its system once you hit that level.  We shall see.
  5. Must run.  Lots to do this week!

4 thoughts on “Late Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

  1. 100 reviews? That’s awesome! Any tips on how to reach that number? I’m hoping to publish soon (hopefully September) and my research seems to indicate that getting lots of reviews is a key ingredient. Congrats, Kait! And good luck on scoring a BookBub ad!

    And who wouldn’t love The Princess Bride? 🙂

    1. Developing an engaged group of fans on your mailing list. It’s never too early to start on that. And in a world where all the advertising stuff changes by the week in terms of what works and what doesn’t, email will always remain king if you manage to cultivate true fans.

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