Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

It’s been ages since I did a proper check-in.  May was full of preparing for teenager’s arrival.  I got edit notes back on Sooper Seekrit Project Book 1, which is (as I was afraid) going to take more intensive revision than I had hoped.  I’m not done with my plotting for Sooper Seekrit Project Book 3 yet either and after much consideration, I decided that as Book 1 suffered very much from I-Don’t-Know-My-Characters-Yet-itis, I want to write Book 3 before I go back to revise Book 1.  Which pushes the planned launch of the trilogy back to the fall.  So I jiggered around my production schedule a bit and ended up deciding to write another book in my Wishful series for release this summer–one that hadn’t even been on the docket for writing this year, but what are you gonna do when they start talking?

So I outlined that last week and started writing this past weekend.  I’m about 6500 words into the book so far.  It’s going well.  Going back to Wishful is like visiting an old friend or putting on a pair of my most comfortable jeans.  And that’s pretty awesome.  It was meant to be a novella.  Naturally, it’s not.  It’s not the story I originally envisioned for these two, either, but I think it’s actually a lot more fun.  So next up from me will be Tucker’s story–which should make recent readers of Just For This Moment pretty happy!  He’s up to shenanigans.  Because…Tucker.

That’s it. Just a quick and dirty check-in.  Back to the grind!

2 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

  1. A teenager in the house? How exciting! Congrats on this new adventure, Kait, and happy writing. I, too, received a book back from my editor that needed more extensive revisions than what I originally thought. But I know if I can dig deeper in that story, it’s going to be awesome. So I’ve delayed releasing it a couple months until I get it where I want it to go. Good luck with your current WIP, too!

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