I haven’t posted in ages. The last six weeks have been full of LOTS of changes in the Nolan house…because we have acquired a teenager.


One of my closest friends has joined Teach For America and is moving to Louisiana.  Her daughter, who is much like a niece to us, wasn’t keen on going and really wanted to start high school with all her friends here.  Hubs and I have often talked of adopting an older child, so we figured this could make the perfect test run since she’s already a kid we know and love.  So we made the offer and it turned out to suit everyone involved.  The last month has been a flurry of activity, cleaning out a bedroom, refinishing some furniture, getting all the legal stuff taken care of.  It’s left little time for writing, which was fine as I was waiting on edits from Awesome Editor anyway.

She finished moving in yesterday and will be on unpacking duty for a while.  No one ever realizes how much stuff they have until it’s all pulled out of its place and shoved in boxes or bags.  She’s totally a kid after my own heart.  Before unpacking anything, she tagged every drawer and shelf with a post it note dictating what would go there.  She’s a natural neatnik who’s spent her whole life living in a house with…not neat people.  Eventually you get to a point of learned helplessness and give in to the chaos.  So she’s excited to be coming to me because I am all about neat and rules and order.  After supper last night, we sat around having pie and a deep philosophical discussion about the varying portrayals of Lilith and Lucifer in assorted lore (spawned by Supernatural–because, of course, we were eating pie at the time and what else does one discuss over pie?) before she hit the unpacking again. Because she’s a cool kid like that. She’s lusting after my library.  We’re going to have to label her books…we have a lot of the same ones.  I can’t wait until she finishes The Infernal Devices.  I gotta have somebody else to discuss the world’s most perfect ending to a love triangle.

So…yeah.  We’re rocketing into parenthood late in the game!  This is gonna be an adventure.


4 thoughts on “Ch…Ch…Ch…Changes

  1. This sounds like fun! I really miss my teenage boys. My youngest is a LOT like me, especially when it comes to books and movies. But, alas, they are 33 and almost 27 with families of their own.

    Enjoy the time! It will be an adventure.

  2. As the only neat(ish) person in my home, I understand her bliss at finding a place where her comfort level of neat is embraced.

    Teens are amazing people. I’ve got the pleasure of one here (he’s not 15 yet, and already half a head taller than his not-short mom), and another warming up on deck (my daughter will be 12 in July.) I think you’re going to have a lovely time with your borrowed teen, and it may lead to something more permanent. Opening your lives to a teen who needs the love of a family – that’s an amazing thing to even consider.

    Sometimes, writing isn’t the priority, and that’s just the way it should be. =)

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