Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. It was a low word count week in general.  Only 6500 words, about half of which were plotting on the next Wishful novella, She’s Got A Way.  It is more or less ready to go.  I plot when I get busy and can’t bend my brain to prose.  I’m still not done with the damned midpoint sequence in TY.  Yesterday I had grand plans of knocking it out, but I ended up doing a lot of other stuff that needed doing and didn’t get much written.  I did figure out why it wasn’t gelling for me.  I was trying to set up for something to come after that actually needed to come before–which necessitated another scene be added to Act 2.  Which actually fixes the pacing problem I was having with PP1 being too late.  But more Act 2.  UGH.  Whatever, it is what it is.
  2. I checked yesterday (because I was curious).  I’ve got 60k in my dump file for this book.  So…clearly I am (PLEASE DEAR GOD) getting all the rewriting done now instead of after the whole book is finished.  When I say stuff like this, people are like “Oh, well you can use it for something else!”   This is something that has always totally baffled me.  The stuff that goes in the dump file didn’t work.  And it’s all very specific to THIS BOOK, these characters.  It’s not interchangeable to just anybody, so…how could I use it for something else?
  3. What I did do this week was set up my classes for fall semester, which starts TOMORROW.  I’d totally forgotten about this until about Tuesday of this past week.  I’d originally had some grand notions of expanding one of my classes, but there simply wasn’t time.  So I’m adding some discussions and calling it.
  4. I spent most of yesterday in the kitchen.  Made some spicy sweet potato butternut squash soup for a sick friend, homemade coconut ice cream, GF/DF peach cobbler, banana chips, and did a MOUNTAIN of dishes.
  5. I also put up my hammock and spent a glorious 20-30 minutes doing absolutely nothing  This is pretty much the epitome of self indulgence (that doesn’t involve a troupe of masseurs) to my mind.  I can’t multi-task out there on anything.  The most I could do is read, and I didn’t even do that.  Just drowsed with the dogs laying nearby in the shade.  It was amazing.
  6. I started rereading Outlander in audio this week.   Watching the show has me wanting to refresh my memory.  It’s been about eight years since I last reread it.
  7. Food experiment of the day: baking hard boiled eggs.  For all that I’m a great cook, hard boiled eggs seem to elude me.  I had the perfect method when I still had a stove with the old fashioned electric eyes, but since I now have those awful flat tops (which don’t retain heat once you turn them off) I’ve been stymied.  Next frontier, OVEN.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Sounds like you had a productive and enjoyable week. Sometimes word counts just aren’t the measure. Getting to relax in a hammock sounds wonderful – haven’t done that in ages! Loved Outlander – will have to watch the show. Met the author in Fergus, On a few years back – loved her talk and her reading.

  2. 6,500 words is still a pretty decent word count.

    Like you, I’ve never been able to use a discarded snippet from one story in another. It simply doesn’t work that way for me. Each story is its own unique creature, in my mind. Usually, for me, what goes in the outtakes file stays there.

    Some time resting in a hammock sounds so relaxing. Hope you enjoyed!

  3. Oops, I missed this post. I’ve used the baking method for the eggs. If you don’t mind a bit of discoloration on the white where the shell touches the pan, then it works beautifully. I use a muffin pan and just stick them in each little hole.

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