Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

The semester is officially over but for finals, so the rest of this week is the flurry of grading stuff and notifying those few students who are exempt from the final of that fact.  I got one class done this morning.  I’m hoping to get the other knocked out this afternoon, but there’s a lot more grading to do there.  I’ve had a massive sinus headache since sometime in the wee hours, so I’m hoping it’ll go away before I settle in to knock that out.

I’m not quite 6k into She’s Got A Way (note to self, update the progress meter).  I’m having such fun with Riley and Liam!  They’re such fun to torture.  😀

The book I plan to write after this one is still in the plotting stages.  It had gotten to an Everything But The Kitchen Sink sort of place, so I created a new toolkit paring things back to the essentials, and I’m slowly working my way through it.  A simpler, more straight-forward story is starting to emerge, and I have faith that by the time I’ve knocked out She’s Got A Way, this next project will be ready to go.

On the Operation GIT front, I’m FINALLY sitting down to start revamping my weight lifting and workout routine to gear it more toward strengthening and improving my martial arts performance.  I meant to do this in September?  October?  Somewhere in the midst of the OMG I MUST FINISH THIS BOOK–EVERYTHING ELSE CAN WAIT!  Given how sore I often am after class, there are certain parts of my body that aren’t getting enough of a workout that need it, so I hope that over the long term, this will actually help.  As it will be a longer workout than what I’ve been doing, it means no more hitting the alarm off and lingering in bed (or, you know, not getting up at all, like I did this morning–I was having a lovely Zen meditation: I am one with the mattress).  So, we’ll see how that goes.  I’m ready for a change.

5 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

  1. We often let things like exercise slide when we’re in the midst of writing and it’s almost done. I’m trying not to let exercise go. But I do need to start getting up earlier so I won’t have to keep cutting down on my treadmill minutes when things don’t go well in the mornings. Don’t you feel like a balanced workout is better for you than doing just one thing, like I am? Maybe I should start back with the Wii in the evenings and continue the treadmills in the mornings.

    I can’t wait to hear about Riley and Liam. I was really curious about him in TGMTY. You have such a pool of characters to choose from in Wishful, so that ought to keep you busy for awhile.

    1. Oh lord, I could keep myself occupied full time with the residents of Wishful for the next ten years. Easy. The number of brain dolls in my head is STAGGERING.

      Yeah, I didn’t NOT workout during the last stretch of the book, I just didn’t change things up when I needed to. I absolutely believe a varied workout is important. If you only do one thing, your body gets used to it, and it’s not as effective. It’s like anything else. We get more efficient at things we practice. I split my time between weight lifting and running in the mornings, then TKD twice a week. I would like to add yoga back in there SOMEWHERE (but I have no idea where there’s time).

  2. I’m a little slow in the writing department. I think my mind is half empty. Anyways walking a dog can be relaxing unless you’re my pooch named Sped. Who likes to headbutt me and chase things.
    An online friend once told me that thinking too much can derail a story. Sometimes I write an inane scene, and see where it would lead

  3. i always love your updates. *brain dolls* *one with the mattress*….

    I was doing well with adding gradually to more diverse workouts – and then October came with a tooth abscess bad enough to swell up half of my face…and then there was NaNo.

    Still, I’m working out more regularly, and more diversely, than I was a year ago, and I can build on that. =)

    Sounds like you’ve got all the ideas, and are about to have a little time. May the energy be there to pull it all together!

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