Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. It’s blustery today.  I can hear the wind howling outside the house.  With the level of noise, I totally expect it to be FREEZING and the kind of weather you have a nice fire and hot chocolate to ward off the chill.  But it’s supposed to be about 70 today, I think.  Bleh.
  2. The Rebels rallied and beat the Bulldogs last night in the Egg Bowl.  As they’re both my teams, I’m a lot less squicked about it than a lot of folks.  The Dawgs did not play well, IMO.  And it makes me sad for them because it was an amazing season, and I teach several of those boys.
  3. I have entered that stretch of the year when my brain is kind of obsessed with writing some kind of Christmas themed…something.  That’s actually where Be Careful, It’s My Heart came from 2 years ago, though it’s not actually a Christmas story.  It just so happens that the production the community theater is putting ON is White Christmas.  In an effort to distract myself from the game last night, I fiddled with a few concepts to see if anything sparked for me, and I finally hit on a kernel of something for a possible Meet Cute.  So I’m going to play with that a little today and see if it turns into anything more than a strictly academic plotting exercise.  If it grabs me enough to rip it out, I might squeak out one more release this year.  But I won’t hold my breath.
  4. Meanwhile, I really need to make up for the last two days of lost words on She’s Got A Way, the Wishful novella I started this week.  I got about 250 words on Friday, but nothing yesterday.  I’m about 2300 words into the story, so not far at all.  But the characters themselves are coming easy, so I just need to buckle down with some quiet.  I might take myself up to the coffee shop later this afternoon, just for a change of scenery.
  5. In other news, To Get Me To You is OUT and on sale at the introductory price of $2.99 for ONE MORE WEEK!  Grab yours before it goes up to $4.99!  To those of you who have already bought a copy, thank you!  To those who’ve left reviews already, you are amazing!  Reviews are SO SO IMPORTANT (not just for me, but for any author) because many of the promotional opportunities out there for us use number of reviews and average number of stars as a metric for weeding out the wheat from the chaff.  Plus, it helps other readers decide whether to give a book a try.  So if you enjoy someone’s work, PLEASE consider taking a few minutes to leave a review to help an author out!  You can get yours from Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. First of all, it truly is freezing here – I think it is in the 20s. But tomorrow’s high is supposed to be 9. Yes that is single digit, Fahrenheit. Bleah!

    I do have to totally agree with two of your points – I just want to write something about Christmas too and yes, people, please write reviews of anything you even sort of like and post those reviews everywhere you can. It does make a difference in all sorts of behind-the-scenes ways, which writers (at least this writer) never truly understand.

  2. Man I think NaNoWriMo kicked my ass. Ah bone stabbing chills and cold wind. Not to mention that the wind has a habit of finding itself down my back and neck.
    passing you some coffee.

  3. Here in Fla we had all sorts of bluster (and no, I’m not talking about local politics), so naturally we threw open all the windows to air out the house. This caused the Ninja Katz to rejoice most adorably.

  4. We are finally having fall here after having winter. Everything is backwards. We had that same wind you did on Sunday.

    I’ve been tossing around ideas for a Christmas themed short story or novelette, too. Part of me wants to do it, and part of me doesn’t want to take any more time away from my current WIP. And yet, I know the WIP will be here when I get done with something else. Do you ever have dilemmas like that? Not knowing what you should work on?

    I’m always ready for another Meet Cute or Wishful story. I LOVED To Get Me to You!

    1. I REGULARLY have trouble wanting to juggle projects–which is why I have a zillion toolkits where I’ve plotted stuff out so I’ll remember them when I finish what I’m working on. Mostly I’m pretty good at diverting that way and getting back to actual work on what I’m SUPPOSED to be working on.

      1. I’ve got another project in mind, too, something I ran by a couple of friends when I was at RNC last time. The good thing about Scrivener (I know you use Evernote) is that you can open another project and do some plotting as you think of things, and it will be ready for you when you want to start writing. I need to get on that before I forget my plot. LOL

        Another question…a short answer is fine. 🙂 Why do you like Evernote for plotting and using your toolkit? Is it because you can share it? I use Evernote a little bit, but mostly for work.

        1. Mostly because I can access it from any computer and my phone when I think of stuff to add. Since that kind of project plotting is very piecemeal anyway, that works best for me.

  5. It’s been flippy floppy with the weather here. I prefer the weather to stick to one general type, especially in the winter. Not fond of the cold, and I live in New York State too. But if it does, well then I get my fuzzy socks and warm blankets and good books and TV show on netflix.

    Anyway, hope you have a great week, Kait!

  6. Snow comes, snow melts; snow comes, rain follows…

    It’s a good time for reading, and writing, too.

    Since I’ve got people encouraging me to try my hand at romance, and since I’m thinking I’ll play with that idea in 2015; I bought TGMTY.

    I just wrote my first Amazon review. I hadn’t realized how much reviews matter, so one of my goals for next year is to read books by writers I know, and then follow up with reviews.

    My head is full of ideas of things to write; for the rest of this year, though, the focus for me is on finishing my two drafts-in-progress.

    I’m excited to see what you come up with!

    1. Oh thank you! Yeah, I am not awesome about reviewing EVERYTHING I read, but for anyone who is indie published, a friend, or newly trad published, I try to make the effort.

      Build a snowman in my honor! I never get to down here!

      1. No snow right now, but we had several inches last Wednesday. My daughter made Olaf from Frozen in the yard, then got frustrated and kicked him down.

        The next time it snows, we’ll make one, and I’ll take a picture for you!

        I bought Red about a year ago…it’s one of the “TBR pile” waiting on my Kindle, and on the list of for 2015…and there will be a review!

          1. I’m still transitional; so I have both kinds…but now, as I finish print books, I’m looking more toward rehoming them, and I’m mostly only buying ebooks these days (for myself; the kids still have all kinds of books all over the house, but that’s another story entirely!).

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