Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

I don’t have a WHOLE lot to report.  It’s been…well, one of those weeks where I’m pretty sure Monday is stuck in a Groundhog’s Day kind of loop.  On the actual Monday I went out to leave for work and my car wouldn’t start.  So I wound up having to get my MIL to take me to pick up hubby’s truck from where he works, then spent lunch running around getting a new battery.  Then had to pick hubby up when he got off work at 7.  I was absolutely not in the frame of mind to produce prose and  had a narrow window to boot, so I actually sat down with one of my brand new legal pads (these are my favorite), to work longhand on some plotwork for She’s Got A Way.  I was revisiting the outline because at Pinch Point 1, I was already sitting at 19k…which was a clear sign this was going to be longer than the 40k novella I had planned.  After finishing up the outline revisions, it’s going to come in at a solid category length novel.  Which is fine, but necessitated some adjustments to my lunatic production schedule for the year.

I wound up taking my non-Wishful related project and pushing it back to time unknown.  That one is going to require considerable worldbuilding that I’d intended to do over Christmas break but didn’t due to illness and people and busy busy.  I’d rather continue the forward momentum I’ve finally got going with Wishful and come back to that project when I have adequate time to put into it.  I’m still looking at getting out She’s Got A Way, the Choose Your Own Romance on the blog (novella length, I HOPE), Autumn and Judd’s novel (still untitled), and two or three Meet Cutes as time allows and inspiration strikes.  So that shaves 70k off my ridonculous word count goals for the year and puts it back into doable territory.  Hooray!

I did get back to writing last night.  Low word count (558), but I knocked out the scene I’d been floundering through, and with the work I did on the outline, I feel like my brain has finally clicked into Go Mode for this book.  Which is awesome.  Except there’s company coming for dinner tonight and tomorrow I’m out of town for work and…yeah, that’s the nature of the beast.  That whole Life Thing.

This week’s recipe at Pots and Plots is Gluten Free Dairy Free French Toast Bake.

And finally, LAST DAY to take advantage.

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