Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

I haven’t been posting much lately.  Evil Day Job has been nuts and I’ve thrown myself whole hog into National Novel Writing Month.

  1. I cleared 18k words last week.  My secret?  When Daylight Savings Time left…I kept getting up at the same time.  So 5:15 I sat down for my first writing sprint of the day.  Every weekday.  I regularly cleared 700-900 words every morning last week using Write or Die.  I’m forced to concede I actually can write before I’m conscious.  Getting that extra session in made a huge difference.  And just using Write or Die has been kicking my productivity up enormously.  Evidently I spend a lot of time otherwise just staring at the screen when I don’t have something to prompt me to KEEP WRITING.  It’s like Speed but with words.  DON’T STOP!
  2. Part of that 18k was a new Meet Cute.  I’m not using NaNo traditionally, just working on multiple things at once and counting the total number of words for the month.  Once Upon A Setup is a companion story to Be Careful, It’s My Heart, following Piper and Myles–who will, themselves, get another novella following.  So cleaning that up is on the agenda for the next week or two, and doing a cover and all that jazz.  Then I’m diving into plotting the novella.
  3. I’m also in a brief burst of research mode for some details on the Sooper Seekrit Project.  I’m hoping to get rolling on that again next time I sit down.
  4. I also bought Dragon Naturally Speaking.  I haven’t done more than set it up, so it didn’t play a part in my word count.  I want to do an “out of the box” sort of post a bit later.

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