Whole 30 Day 3 and a ROW80 Progress Report

It’s been a rough transition back to work this week.  There’s no such thing as a slow start…it’s like jumping headfirst into the deep end of a pool and being electrocuted.  My uncaffeinated brain hasn’t been dealing too well with that (not that caffeine is verboten on Whole 30, but everything that goes in my daily tea is, and plain tea is nasty).  The withdrawals from caffeine have meant some pretty nasty headaches (and I had no idea there was enough caffeine in my tea for that to be a thing).  And with all the meetings and conference calls and such starting the week, I’m only just now getting around to making a plan for how to deal with all of it.  I should be back up to my usual speed by the end of the week.

One of the big things that’s been driving me bananas got temporarily tabled.  I finally convinced my boss that it made no sense to focus on that when there were so many other things due RIGHT NOW and we’re getting further and further behind.  We don’t have the manpower to do what she wants.  Whereas if we wait until end of February when the first phase of the project is over, we can then go back and update the things she wants updated (with all the necessary, laborious paper file digging).  So that was a little bit of nice vindication.

Things have been going mostly well on the Whole 30 front.  I haven’t had any problem with the food side.  It’s not having my tea.  Today is Day 3 and I totally had that “Seriously how bad would it be? As soon as Whole 30 is over, I’m going right back to drinking tea as I like it, so what’s the point in cutting it out at all?” conversation with myself.  I’m holding to the program; I’ve just officially reached Grumpasaurus Rex status.

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That whole getting up at 5:15…  I did it Monday.  That went fine.  Tuesday I slid back to 5:45…enough time to walk the dogs, and then I skipped the yoga I was going to do and still got some writing in before work.  This morning I didn’t make it out of bed until 6:40, so no gym for me, just walking the pups.  I’ll squeeze in a time crunch weight lifting workout tonight before my writing block.  I had this problem last year until daylight savings time went away–this whole problem of being trapped by the tractor beam of my bed, unable to move even though I know I need to.  Warm/Cozy/Sleepy is a lot more appealing than Cold/Dark/Conscious.  A lot of this is that resetting my body clock to work schedule instead of vacation schedule (aka my natural circadian rhythm–which runs 3 hours later than my reality) has been rough.  I’ve had Benedryl AND melatonin every night this week trying to make myself sleepy when I need to go to bed.  :STARES AT CEILING:  But I’m wiped out, so I’m getting there.  Next week that should be better.

I’ve finished Act 1 of Just For This Moment.  I’m at that point where I’m getting to know the characters and story better, and I’m having to pause to update the outline from what I had originally.  But the whole thing is really coming together quite nicely.  We’ll see if it stays the novella it’s intended to be or if they stretch it longer.  It’s been known to happen, and Myles and Piper are a LOT of FUN! [For a preview of this, go check out Once Upon A Setupthe Meet Cute where we see their beginning.]

According to my text notifications, the rest of my recording gear I need to try this audiobook thing has arrived.  Maybe I’ll give that a try some this weekend.  Or not.  I also need to edit a couple of the anthology novellas for Virtually Yours.  We shall see.

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