Canine Trauma

It’s been a stressful couple of days.  Sunday, our baby dog Huck started acting…odd.  He’d vomited twice in the morning (as they sometimes do when they inhale their food faster than the speed of light).  And by dinnertime, he ate REALLY slowly (totally out of character) and wasn’t even interested in sniffing our dinner plates.  He barely touched his breakfast yesterday and didn’t want to go for his walk, so I immediately took him to the vet first thing.  And then there was a lot of hurry up and wait until the radiologist looked at the radiographs.  So by 2, he was in surgery for a bowel obstruction.

Meanwhile, I was at the vet school playing guide to my mom and a friend of hers, whose dog was being evaluated (poor Molly is diabetic and going blind).  This was the first time I’d been at the vet school since Daisy, and I’d brought her helper harness to donate.  The physical therapist ended up being out, so I’ve still got that riding around in my car.  Going back in there was…a lot harder than I expected.  It’s been nine months.

Fast forward to 5 yesterday and we get the notice that Huck came through surgery fine and he is banned from rope toys for life.  All in all, it could’ve been much worse.  They were able to extract the rope strands with only 3 small incisions and no actual removal of the intestines.  His gut wasn’t actually damaged, just irritated.  And they expect a pretty quick recovery.  They were keeping him overnight for observation and all that jazz.

I spent all night locked in nightmares, stuck in that place where you’re not totally asleep, not totally awake and caught desperately wanting to sob or scream and…not being able to.  It might be I have a bit of trauma when it comes to health scares for my furbabies.  So that sucked and I woke up exhausted.

I called to check on him first thing this morning and again this afternoon before we got the go ahead to pick him up at 4:15.  Hubs got him a little bit ago, as it’s his day off.  And, of course, he’s fine.  Everybody’s fine.  Well, I’m not completely fine.  I won’t be until I can snuggle my baby in approximately twenty-five minutes.

I’ve already ordered Huck some new rubber tug toys (as tug is his favorite thing).  And I’m prepared to spoil him completely rotten.  Working from home tomorrow to keep an eye on him.

So…that’s been my week so far.  I’ve still got half of Just For This Moment to finish proofing, then ARCs will be going out.  There’s booklaunchy stuff to do.  Mostly I just want puppy cuddles and the pot roast I have in the crock pot.

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4 thoughts on “Canine Trauma

  1. OMG – I *so* know that trauma and worry. We’re finally getting to the point where KouKi is old enough not to want to eat ALL the things… but I keep a close eye on her nonetheless. I wish Huck a good recovery and lots of spoiled-rotten cuddles and toys.

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