Entitlement In Writer Culture

One of the first things I saw when I logged into Twitter this morning was a conversation between a writer friend of mine (who, incidentally, is also a professional editor and teaches workshops) and another writer who was essentially lambasting her (and all other professional writers) for not helping new writers.  Digging back through the conversation, […]

Reblogged: Media Coverage of The Harlequin Acquisition

From Sarah Wendell at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books…can this get any worse?  Oh wait, no. I’m too stunned to express my thoughts, but Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books has summed them up nicely. And here’s where nothing’s changed. Readers have been talking about what the potential results will be of HarperCollins/NewsCorp’s acquisition of […]

New Adult Fiction Defined–And What About Genre Fiction?

What is New Adult?  Well, as this post makes abundantly clear, nobody has really settled on a definition.  Elizabeth gathers up definitions from AAAAALL over the place.  It’s a hotly debated topic.  For my purposes, my favorite was this definition by Jane from Dear Author: Jane wrote New Adult: It’s not about the sex (but don’t […]

Midweek Check-In and Embracing The Tortoise

First up, the check-in.  Since I had success FINALLY getting back into the groove of things with my 500 words a day, this week I am upping the daily minimum to 600.  Monday: 606.  Tuesday: 504 (I took a nap and slept past my alarm, so that’s what I ripped out in the last 15 […]

Readers Matter

So yesterday my pal Kristen Lamb made a fantastic post about the new publishing paradigm offering suggestions to the Big 6 to keep them from sharing the fate of the Titanic.  It’s brilliant and spot on. Something that stood out for me was a quote she pulled from The Author’s Guild post, Publishing’s Ecosystem on […]

Upping Your Self Publishing Game

Over at Write It Forward, dynamo Bob Mayer has a post about The Sustainability of an Indie Author–Will Self-Publishers Survive.  It’s insightful (and rather depressing) and really syncs with a lot of conversations Susan and I have been having recently. So much has changed in self-publishing since I started this in March 2009.  I was […]

Don’t Kill Diversity

The Red launch blog tour continues today at Pageturners.   Okay, first off I have to send you on a field trip to read this article that was recently reprinted at the Publisher’s Weekly Blog. Back? Can I just say I’m shaking my head at this?  It’s ludicrous to say “I’ll represent your book if […]

Sanity Saver: Book Launch Planner

Before we move into today’s post, I wanted to announce the WINNER of our little big of flash fiction FUN from the other day.  Bragging rights go TO L.S. Engler! Next order of business, today’s stop on the Red launch blog tour is my dear CP and BFF Susan Bischoff’s blog, Hunting High and Low […]

The Power In Publishing

So yesterday between word sprints I was having a chat with the lovely Serena Lawless, fellow L.J. Smith fangirl, that worked its way around to her telling me that L.J. Smith has lost the rights to The Vampire Diaries.  This is apparently old news from back in February, but we all know I usually live […]

Self Publishing Is Not Hard: Reprisal

I’ve done a lot of observation of traditional publishing and indie publishing from the peanut gallery.  You all know how I started with aspirations of traditional, shifted totally to indie, and have swung back to some moderate position in between the two.  As self publishing has caught on, more and more traditionally published authors are […]