Reblogged: Media Coverage of The Harlequin Acquisition

From Sarah Wendell at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books…can this get any worse?  Oh wait, no.

I’m too stunned to express my thoughts, but Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books has summed them up nicely.

And here’s where nothing’s changed.

Readers have been talking about what the potential results will be of HarperCollins/NewsCorp’s acquisition of Harlequin most of the day. What does it mean for libraries, digital readership, international romance readers, and the people who work at both companies? All logical questions.

And while Harlequin and HarperCollins have composed appropriately worded press releases and are making statements like “business as usual” and about fourteen thousand lawyers on both the US and Canadian sides are like GAME ON, there’s the part that actually sucks right now.

The media response to the acquisition is as expected. Which is to say, it’s so awful, I can’t even describe it adequately. There are no gifs or emergency cute baby animals strong enough to dull the pain.

Here’s Brian Stetler on CNN:

Harlequin has fallen for a charming billionaire along with the primary headline,Harlequin Swooped Up by NewsCorp.

“Swooped?” “Charming?” For real?

“Charming” is not the word describe Rupert Murdoch. Or was he tapping your phones and you had to be kind?

Please click over to read the rest of the post.  I have to go sharpen a pitchfork.

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