The State Of Indie Publishing

So there’ve been big doings in the indie publishing world in the last week.  Barry Eisler turned down a half million dollar deal with legacy publishers, choosing to self-publish instead. Another traditionalist defects. And the indie world cheered. Amanda Hocking accepted a $2 million deal with legacy publishers for a four book series. And the […]

Guest Post By My Agent, The Magnificent Laurie McLean

This past week I was teaching an online class to RWA’s Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal chapter about the role of the literary agent in today’s digital publishing paradigm. And one of the areas I know a lot about (after 20-plus years as the founder and CEO of a public relations agency in the Silicon Valley […]

Guest Post By Nadia Lee

Walking Away Can Be Hard Yesterday I talked about the necessity of reading contracts carefully on Zoe Winter’s blog.  Today I want to talk about how difficult it can be (emotionally) to walk away from a deal. To summarize briefly — last year, I was offered a contract on my contemporary romance novel Carnal Secrets. […]

Dreams of the Probable

There is nothing better than getting email from a reader saying “I just picked up your book and I can’t put it down!” Except perhaps the same email arriving while eating a big bowl of peanut butter yogurt with Reece’s cups.  I woke up to one of those emails this morning and it totally made […]

The Big News!

Some of you who read Kristen Lamb’s blog will already have heard this because she totally outted me this morning in her post on the importance of platform. 😛  For the rest of you, bear with me. Back in 2009 when I started Forsaken By Shadow, it was with the intention of building some interest […]

Sunday Summary

So Dorchester is apparently 86ing their paperback line in favor of POD and ebooks.  It’s not like they had a huge choice in the matter since they were, as I understand it, on the verge of bankruptcy.  Apparently Medallion did the same thing a few months ago, and I missed it.  The authors who have […]

Midweek Smattering

So Barnes and Noble is for sale as a franchise.  This is no shock.  You can’t run a business by sticking your head in the sand, pretending things aren’t changing, and THEN decide 5 years after the fact that you should try what Amazon has ALREADY done and attempt to corner the market share with […]

The Ten Year Plan

In tour news, in case you missed it, yesterday I was hosted by Nicole Peeler where I talked about the Dreaded Valley of the Shadow of the Middle.  Today I’m being interviewed by Sherri Meyer, my fantastic source who actually WENT DOWN TO THE ER of the hospital Gage goes to after he gets to […]

Amazon As A Publisher

Today’s tour stop is an interview with the delightful Mary Brebner, a YA writer and fellow educator with whom I love to discuss the epic fail that is the American education system. Also up today (because my host is in Australia and it’s already tomorrow) is my post at Merrilee Faber’s blog about how writing […]