What Keeps You Reading?

I had a really busy week last week.  Lots going on at work, and a great deal of me being in a car for work and pleasure.  This week has been no different and on a lot of fronts I’ve felt like I’m a hamster on a wheel trying to catch up.  One of the […]

Daily Progress Report

I didn’t get anything done on TD today, but I did get all kinds of stuff done around the house.  Two loads of laundry, flipped the living room rug, deep cleaned the living room, vacuumed the house, dustmopped the floors, made a batch of crock pot tomato soup, cleaned out the bedroom closet, took some […]


This morning’s craft chapter was all about how no one is ever too old or too young to write.  Sellers talks about how in her writing classes at the college where she teaches, the students are late teens or early twenties and don’t feel like they know enough or have experienced enough to write.  And […]

Duality Of Opinion

There was a fairly big brouhaha last week among my segment of the office.  An invitation was sent out for all research associates about a retreat (out of town, overnight) for us to discuss our research interests and how those interests relate to and fit within the other research done by our organization.  As I […]

Just Want It Done!

This morning’s craft chapter was on Just-wanting-to-get-it-done-itis.  Sellers was talking about that stage, usually in the first major revision of a piece, where you are sick to death of looking at a manuscript and you’re ready to ship it off as is, rather than stare at it anymore.  I can’t say that I’ve had that […]

Jump Ahead, Fall Behind

I was always a bright student.  That sounds arrogant.  It’s not meant to be, it’s just fact.  I was a straight A student all the way through school, with the exception of a handful of classes in college.  I graduated at the head of my class in graduate school.  Book learning, school, has always been […]

Daily Progress Report

I was all kinds of productive today.  Cleaned the house (not that you can tell it now that I’ve done some projects), built a mailbox post (very proud of this and will post pictures once we get it in the ground), baked a loaf of whole wheat soda bread (perfect use for spoiled milk), and […]

Kill The Beast!

According to Greek myth, the second labor of Heracles was to slay the many-headed hydra.  When he sliced off one head, two grew back in its place. I’m feeling like Heracles right now (well before he [or was it his cousin?] had the brilliant idea to sear the stumps after cutting off the heads so […]

Today’s Post…

…is at Murder and Magnolias, home of my alter ego, Kait Nolan.  I’m talking about my thoughts on how the deep south is represented in fiction.  Stop on by!

Daily Progress Report

Til Death: 322 I had entirely intended to finish up the scene where Wyatt and Marin come to an arrangement about him working off his room and board, but instead, I had a new character insert himself into the mix.  As it turns out, Wyatt has some kind of long term friendship/mentorshipish relationship with the […]