ROW80 Check-In and a Word of Caution to Authors

Progress Report: Well I came in at 1471 words on Monday.  0 Tuesday, but that’s why I wrote almost double on Monday because I knew I wouldn’t have a moment to write yesterday with our annual retreat and my subsequent visit with my grandmother.  Her 95th birthday was lovely, thank you for asking. I got […]

Short, More Cheerful Update

Ok I am about to give up on blogging today.  I’ve been trying to write this post since THIS MORNING.  It’s been one of Those Days.  Very productive, but holy crap busy.  I was going to write something about dreams that I’ve forgotten, so I’ll just say that today feels much less sucky than yesterday.  […]

Contemplating the Drastic

I need an intervention.  Probably. Once Amazon discounted Forsaken By Shadow back to $1 over the weekend, I really expected my sales ranking to climb back up into the 1k range and hang out there for a while.  And it did make it up into the low 1ks by Sunday afternoon.  By this morning I’m […]

Post-Christmas Prep for 2009

At long last we are, I think, free of family obligations.  Everyone has left town, save one uncle who isn’t our responsibility.  After a disaster with all my baked gifts getting infested with ants, unreasonable and unseasonable mid 70s temperatures, an emergency trip to the vet for my FIL and his dog for stitches (he’s […]

The Danger of Apathy

This was supposed to be a progress report.  More like a lack of progress report.  I’ve been trying to work on this scene for more than a week now.  I got interrupted last weekend by the temporary demise of my laptop.  Then I was out of town.  Then I was all focused on getting the […]

Why I Rarely Read Fiction By Men

If you peruse my bookshelves (of which there are many in our house), you will readily see that probably 95% of the fiction titles available are by women.  Some of this is because I prefer to read romance in some form or another, but I also have a pretty hefty mystery section.  It is in […]

Daily Progress Report

Aaaaagh!  Stop the insanity! It’s been days since I’ve written anything.  First there was last weekend’s catastrophic computer failure that occupied all my spare time.  Then I went out of town for work, during which time I launched the new, hosted version of my blog (thanks for visiting!).  Since then, I’ve been going crazy getting […]

What’s The Deal With Twitter?

Okay, so I’ve been going through and figuring out which social networks I can update regarding my new blog and I came across the plugin, which is supposed to automatically ping a bunch of social networks where you have an account.  So I’m going through last night and see all these sites for microblogging […]

Audiobooks: To Act Or Not To Act

I listen to a lot of audio books.  Partly this is because the time I happen to be in my car is usually peak advertising time for regular radio stations (and that annoys me) and partly it’s because I have limited time to read and I get in a lot more stories this way.  Some […]

I’m Baaaaaack

Thank the lord.  We got the ghost of my system in April copied on my freshly formatted hard drive.  No corruption of the disk, no more virus.  It still baffles us how it happened.  I have the same antivirus software installed that my husband does on his laptop and desktop.  Both of HIS computers caught […]