The Danger of Apathy

This was supposed to be a progress report.  More like a lack of progress report.  I’ve been trying to work on this scene for more than a week now.  I got interrupted last weekend by the temporary demise of my laptop.  Then I was out of town.  Then I was all focused on getting the blog up and tweaked.  And in the course of that time, I have completely lost the feel for the book.  I’ve done a read through.  I’ve reread my outline and the rest of the notes in my plotbook.  Nothing has helped me break through this…apathy.

It’s not that I’m excited by some other sexy next book idea.  There’s no cool idea frantically beating to get out of me.  Right this second I have lost the spark of interest in everything.  I’m not in touch with my hero.  I’m not in touch with my heroine.  I. am.  bored.  I don’t think it’s a specific problem with my plot (or rather my idea for a plot, given that I’m only on Chapter 4).  But I desperately need an infusion of interest.

I’m not quite sure what to do.  I need to write something just to get my juices flowing again.  Maybe something for the tangent notebook.  Logic would seem to dictate I ought to try to write some other scene for Til Death, so that I don’t stray too far, but right now, my brain seems content to hang out in fluffyverse with Marin and Wyatt, which isn’t going to produce anything remotely helpful.  So maybe I should just do some freewriting.  Just whatever pops up.

I also need to read a good book.  Or a series of good books.  Good writing usually gets me all fired up to do some myself.  I picked up a copy of Katie MacAlister’s Up In Smoke and Irish Magic, which is apparently a collection of novellas.

Either way I’ve got to do something.  Apathy is a frightening prospect.  I’m too sensible to think that I’ll never get back to writing or that this is anything more than a temporary blip.  But it freaks me out nonetheless.

2 thoughts on “The Danger of Apathy

  1. I need to write something just to get my juices flowing again.

    There must be something in the air. I have a story I want to write, but nothing is sparking. So, I trolled my other wips to see if something would draw me in to write. If that doesn’t work I’m going to find a writing prompt.

    Good luck.

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