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Til Death: 1231

So after Pot pointed out that I had a lot of backstory dumping, I scrapped the various incarnations of that first scene in Chapter 4 and wound up rewriting it today.  I’m much happier with it.  Finally managed to get a bit more into it.   I’m sure it needs some kind of work, but I was finally able to move on.  Tomorrow it’s on to the next scene.  I started Up In Smoke after I finished that up, and I’m about half way through that.  We watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall tonight–turned out Allen got a copy of the unrated version that had a lot of full frontal male nudity.  Um, sorry, but no.  Between that and all the blurred out shots of Bear Grylls privates on the Man Vs. Wild marathon that was on earlier, I’m left thinking they all need to visit tanning beds.  Anyway, it was a good day.  Time for bed.

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