I’m Baaaaaack

Thank the lord.  We got the ghost of my system in April copied on my freshly formatted hard drive.  No corruption of the disk, no more virus.  It still baffles us how it happened.  I have the same antivirus software installed that my husband does on his laptop and desktop.  Both of HIS computers caught and quarantined  the nasty little bugger.   All of them were up to date on  antivirus,  malware and spyware detection, etc.  Our firewall was still up.  I didn’t open anything from anywhere.  It was just flat strange.  All we can imagine is that somehow my antivirus got disabled somehow.   But whatever.  I’ve been running updates on everything under the sun, and I’m about to scan my registry and correct errors there.  Then I will finally go and download my new software to get started on my self-hosted blog.  I played around with WordPress Themes earlier and I think I’ve settled on something I like.  No idea how user-friendly this stuff is, so I don’t know when it will be put up, but I’ll let y’all know.

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