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Aaaaagh!  Stop the insanity!

It’s been days since I’ve written anything.  First there was last weekend’s catastrophic computer failure that occupied all my spare time.  Then I went out of town for work, during which time I launched the new, hosted version of my blog (thanks for visiting!).  Since then, I’ve been going crazy getting things tweaked and adjusted and enhanced.  I think I’ve signed up for six or seven social networks since yesterday (see the Around the Web section in the sidebar if you’re interested in following me at any of those places).  My focus has totally been on the blog, which hasn’t been all bad, as I’ve gotten loads done.

But when I sat down to write tonight I had that paralytic duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurh when I looked at the screen.  I’ve completely come out of the zone and  haven’t been able to get anywhere other than making some minor changes  in a prior chapter and figuring out where things went wrong in the current scene.  I suppose figuring out  where it derailed is the first step toward getting back on track but geez.  It doesn’t help that I was ready for bed at 8:20.  Yeah, that’s right, 8:20.  I am, as Zoe likes to say, on Old Lady Central Time.  It is now 9, and I haven’t gotten squat done on my chapter other than minor tweaks.  I’m going to go stare at Wyatt’s picture for a bit, then hit the sack.  Maybe my mind will be clearer tomorrow.

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