Daily Progress Report

I was all kinds of productive today.  Cleaned the house (not that you can tell it now that I’ve done some projects), built a mailbox post (very proud of this and will post pictures once we get it in the ground), baked a loaf of whole wheat soda bread (perfect use for spoiled milk), and I plotted out 5 chapters.  Well more like 4 chapters and the 5th isn’t going to change much from the original version.  Still, I’m all the way through Chapter 7.  I’ve got a bit of a hole in Chapter 6 with a conversation Wyatt’s going to be having with the Chief Deputy, but I’ll figure it out.  And it occurred to me that I’ve just plotted out 7 chapters and left out one of the characters.  Oops.  So I’ll take a fresh look at that in the morning.

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been using the ZoHo.com wiki feature to plot this thing out.  About twenty minutes ago I clicked a button and the entire outline I’ve been working on the last several days disappeared.  I had everything from today since I”d just emailed it to Pot, but I thought I’d lost the first two chapters.  Crap!  Then I discovered that it has a Version feature.  You can revert to a previous version.  Dial it back 15 minutes ago.  Boom.  Back in business.  Immediately cut and paste and save in a few other places.  Whew!  Just another reason, to my mind, for recommending this …what is it…program? Application?  Thing.  Whatever.  It’s cool.

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