Is 50 Shades This Generation’s Lazy Romance Insult?

I am a romance lover.  This is a love affair that goes back twenty years and will burn until the day I die. I love stories of love, of hope, and triumph.  So do millions of other readers.  And yet we have, since the inception of the genre, been insulted for our reading choices, been […]

Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

It’s been a great week.  I cranked out 6500 words on Cam and Norah’s book (tentatively titled To Get Me To You ) and I’m finally hitting my stride with both of them.  Norah has come very clear to me as a character and Cam is turning out to be quite different from what I originally imagined, […]

Why Do You Read Romance?

As I’ve been on the hunt for good romance lately, I’ve started pondering about why I read it.  I mean, obviously I love it because I devour it like Godiva and spend all my spare time writing it.  But what is it that I love about it?  What is it I’m looking for when I’m reading? I […]

Romance Novels For Men?

I was chatting with a non-writer friend of mine this morning and she said she’d heard on a radio show somewhere a discussion about ebooks being on the rise and how many people are reading things they wouldn’t read before because they aren’t being judged by the cover.  And one of the genres mentioned was […]

Beware of Trolls

There’s a troll on the internet!  I know, we’re all so shocked by this.  In response to Jami Gold’s post yesterday, I happened to go look up said troll because, hey, I admit that Author Behaving Badly stories are kind of like train wrecks.  You just can’t help but look.   This one was another idiot […]

Boredom, Thoughts On Writing Love Scenes, and Some Random Linkage

It’s Monday.  I’ve already been to staff meeting, fielded questions from my frustrated boss whom tech upgraded to Office 2007 a couple of weeks back (she now can’t find anything), zipped through my bloglines, posted my goals on Mission:Accountability, written a hundred words or so on the love scene that will drag on for a […]

More On Paranormal Romance Vs. Urban Fantasy

This is a big question for me lately, so I’ve been trolling the internet looking for a definitive definition trying to decide where I fit in. In one post I read (which, sadly, I forgot to bookmark so I could share) describes the role of setting in urban fanasy.  It was an interesting idea that […]

Am I Paranormal Romance Or Urban Fantasy?

I’ve been having a bit of a genre–well I was going to say crisis, but it’s not that severe–thing lately.  Now here’s the thing–as an adult writer, everything I’ve done has in some way, shape, or form, fit into the romance genre.  Mostly romantic suspense.  But it’s always about a relationship.   A hero and heroine […]

5 Favorite Movie Kisses

This is all Pot’s fault.  She’s been watching Veronica Mars again, and sighing about Veronica and Logan’s first kiss, which sent me to YouTube to watch it again because I also love that kiss…  And then I decided I might as well do a post of my 5 favorites.  There are certainly other favorite kisses.  […]