5 Favorite Movie Kisses

This is all Pot’s fault.  She’s been watching Veronica Mars again, and sighing about Veronica and Logan’s first kiss, which sent me to YouTube to watch it again because I also love that kiss…  And then I decided I might as well do a post of my 5 favorites.  There are certainly other favorite kisses.  When I started making the list, I came up with 13 without even going to my keeper shelf  to see what others I was forgetting.  These are in no particular ranked order.  In honor of Pot, I shall start with

Veronica and Logan

The thing that I love about this kiss is that they’re this incredibly unlikely couple.  Up to this point in the series they’ve given all signs of being absolutely antagonistic toward each other.  All that snark and sarcasm.  Then he comes to her rescue and WHAM.  It’s as much a shock to us as it is to them.  Awesome.

Aragorn and Arwen at the end of Return of The King

This kiss (skip to about 2 and a half minutes in if you want to miss the lead up), oh, this always makes me teary.  And it’s less the kiss even than the look on Aragorn’s face when he sees her and realizes that she didn’t go away with her people, that she stayed for him.  God…where’s the kleenex?

Holly and Gerry in P.S. I Love You

This is a kiss that makes you believe in love at first sight.  All in all, a bittersweet movie, but you can’t help but love watching them get together.  And of course I don’t watch it putting myself in Holly’s shoes just because that’s Gerard Butler…

Margaret and John in North and South

This kiss always wrings a huge girly sigh from me.  This is absolutely one you can’t fully appreciate without seeing the entire mini-series that comes before it.  Margaret and John go through so much, have to change as characters, to get to this point.  And here they are, and I am always so struck by how incredibly gentle he is with her (which means more when you know how he started out).  I mean, I like a sexy, dominant alpha as much as the next girl, but this kiss…you can really see how he cherishes her.

Alex and Kate in The Lake House

This kiss has to be one of my all time favorites ever.  When DH and I went to see this in theaters, I realized immediately that Alex was the guy that died at the beginning, and I spent the ENTIRE movie in emotional agony because I was terrified they were going to screw it up, and it was going to be one of those depressing movies that had some kind of dumb ass artsy ending instead of a happily ever after.  So much so that I was bawling along with her as she knelt by that mailbox after begging him to wait.  And then he drives up and gets out, and she says “You waited.”  And he kisses her because he doesn’t ever have to wait anymore…  No, no I’m not getting sniffly at all.  Hang on I have to go watch that one again…

The thing about all these kisses is that none of them are anywhere near as meaningful without the story that came before.  They are the culmination of well told stories that effectively built tension (general and sexual) between the hero and heroine.  That’s part of what really makes a kiss (or a love scene) great–when the storyteller really makes it this amazing payoff for the emotional wringer s/he has put the h/h through.   It makes you want to stand up and cheer (and immediately go find your significant other), and if it isn’t at the end, it makes you keep reading/watching.

So what are some of your favorite movie/tv kisses and why?

4 thoughts on “5 Favorite Movie Kisses

  1. Besides those?
    The Angel/Buffy “goodbye” kiss where she walks away and the cross he gave her is burned into his chest. Packed with meaning.

    The Buffy/Spike “thank you” kiss when he thinks she’s the Buffybot and then realizes she’s not. And a bunch of other Spuffy moments.

    The Tequila Sunrise “Mac, I love you–Shut up or I’ll smack you one,” kiss.

    The Keith/Watts “I didn’t know–Well you’re stupid” ending kiss, as well as their “practice kiss that kills” in the garage from Some Kind of Wonderful.

    The Princess Bride “Hurt? You’re alive! If you want I could fly,” kiss.

    And a whole bunch of others. Like you said, the story build up is a big part of it for me. I’m also a sucker for the romantic lines or even speeches and the looks that pass between the characters. There have been a lot of moments that made me want to swoon.

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