Not So Sekrit Project…Maybe

So during a conversation with my friend Cyndi yesterday, she happened to mention that she was working on a Nocturne Bite. A what? She was kind enough to educate me that this is a division of Harlequin, really short paranormals (10-15k), intended for epub.  I immediately said that I’d never be able to tell a […]

Hero Preferences

This week my MIL and I watched Lifetime’s version of Nora’s High Noon.  In general, I haven’t been as upset this go round with the liberties the movie people took with the books. But that’s not what I want to talk about.  I’ve been thinking about Duncan Swift, the hero of that particular book.  He’s […]

Backseat Writers

Over the weekend, DH and I got to talking about my current projects.  I explained to him my logic for developing my readership over at Pots and Plots in order to eventually have a good platform to launch the first of the Edible Enchantments series, which does, of course, mean that I have to plot […]

A Face And A Title For The Prequel Novella

DH and I watched August Rush again the other night.  It’s one of my all time favorite movies.  The music is amazing and it’s a real feel good story.  And hey, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is pretty to look at and listen to.  Wish he’d do an album.  He’s got such a great, gritty sort of voice.  […]

Opposite Sex Character Attraction

Among the writers I know (all of whom are women and write romance in some form or other), there are quite a few of us who are guilty of falling in love with hero stories.  By which I mean that we very often come up with stories that have the hero and heroine and the […]

Concentric Circles

I’ve been a terribly unproductive girl today.  Well not on everything.  I had a class this morning that was an Introduction to Adobe Flash.  That was interesting.  Beyond that, my sum total accomplishment for the day is to get my cooking blog moved from (where I got sick of all the ads and the […]


Considering that I felt pretty well brain dead and hormonal yesterday, I made an astonishing amount of progress.  With Pot’s help, I finally settled on an actual name for my paranormal type FBI group (it’s the Investigation and Enforcement Division of the Council of Races, the IED, in case you care).  A small enough thing, […]

I’m Sick And Twisted…

In the midst of all the frantic work to write and put together my abnormal psych class the last 3 and a half weeks, I’ve been working as much as possible on the plotting front, and as I’ve already mentioned, Pot and I have been doing character interviews.  Mostly I’ve focused on Marley and Conall, […]

Reader Poll: Phone Sex In Romance Novels?

So the book I’m reading now has the hero just returning from a harrowing and narrow escape from a serial killer.  He gets home safe, had promised to call the heroine (whom he swore not to get involved with) who had nursed him from a gunshot wound.  As soon as he assures her he’s safe […]

All in The Name of Research

One of the big shifts for me as a writer in 2009 is to get back to the paranormal, and more specifically paranormal romance.  I’ve been reading as voraciously as my schedule will allow, focusing heavily on books featuring werewolves, since that’s the topic of my first dip back into the paranormal pool.  I’ve been […]