Considering that I felt pretty well brain dead and hormonal yesterday, I made an astonishing amount of progress.  With Pot’s help, I finally settled on an actual name for my paranormal type FBI group (it’s the Investigation and Enforcement Division of the Council of Races, the IED, in case you care).  A small enough thing, I suppose, but now I have something to call it besidest he PBI.  But best of all–drumroll please–I have the second half of the middle and know what leads up to the end!  I have PLOT people!  After a detailed consult with my martial artist hubby, I have come up with the ritual trials that all candidates for pack Alpha have to endure–a series of stages (which mean scenes) that they have to go through, culminating in the final battle.  My pack is suddenly becoming real in my head–with members beyond my immediate characters, and I’m learning how they interact and exactly what it will mean to be Alpha.  I swear there was a click in my head last night as we discussed this (sometimes my hubby is so smart–he’s thrilled I’m going in this paranormal direction) and suddenly I could see possibilities.

There are, of course, loads of questions still to answer, but I have a framework and a direction to take.  Later today, I’m going to use that knowledge to finish up (I hope) my Act 3 interview questions and also to clean up my mess of a file with yesterday’s notes.  I also did a lot of work yesterday on figuring out what exactly it means to be a wolf, what Conall’s misconceptions are on that front, and the lessons he’s going to have to learn in this quest to become Alpha such that he will make a good one and ultimately wants to do it for more reasons than simply to save his lady love.  Hellooooo GMC!

The big thing I don’t really know yet (and may not until I get into the writing of it) is exactly how the romance side of this is going to play out.  I have a clear idea of what’s going to be pulling them apart, but I haven’t figured out the pushing them together part.  That may be next week’s project.

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