Bring On The Zombie Horde!

I never planned to write about zombies.  28 Days Later freaked me out, and Pot has a long-standing fear of the Zombie Apocalypse (though here are some very excellent reasons why humans will survive–Pot’s not buying it.  It only covers the undead kind and doesn’t cover all these ways the ZA could happen.).  So, yeah, […]

Uber Productive Weekend

It was a hugely productive weekend.  Between Saturday’s date day, headshots, my mom visiting, cleaning the whole house from top to bottom, and manicuring the lawn, I finished all my content for the Indie Book Collective launch (September 13th, more later), and I did a bunch of work on my blueprint for Red. I’ve been […]


Well, it’s official.  I am definitely codependent on my crit partner.  She’s been gone to Disney World for the last week with her family and I’ve been home missing the hell out of her, unable to write a coherent scene.  At least if I cut it all, it’s only 1826 words since she left. It’s […]

A YA Must Read: Hush Money by Susan Bischoff

I’ve been on a huge YA kick this year.  You can actually read more about my opinions on the why of that in my guest post over at Nadia Lee’s blog.  I flipping LOVE YA.  In that vein I like to recommend all the YA I read that I like. ***WARNING: SERIOUS PIMPAGE BELOW*** Hush […]

Midweek Smattering

So Barnes and Noble is for sale as a franchise.  This is no shock.  You can’t run a business by sticking your head in the sand, pretending things aren’t changing, and THEN decide 5 years after the fact that you should try what Amazon has ALREADY done and attempt to corner the market share with […]

Procedure Is My Kryptonite

sersly (spelled that way because I would have said it that way), procedure is your Kryptonite, dude. From a conversation with Pot this week. By God, she’s right!  This all came up as I struggled through a scene that I had visualized as a sort of trial, but is really more of a lynching/execution where […]

Addictive Habits of Bloggers: Guilty

Sometime while I was sick last week, Pot sent me a link to an article on 8 Addictive Habits of Bloggers, which I read with a yep, yep, yep sort of refrain, then forgot about.  I went back looking for it today as grist for the mill.  The abbreviated list of habits is as follows: […]

Let The Suckfest Begin

Since I finished my full outline on HiS, I’ve barely written a word.  Well 776 of them plus the ones that fell by the wayside on the way to that total.  It’s not particularly gripping, and it is at least grammatically correct.  And I got stuck (then I got sick, which didn’t help the stuck).  […]

Music and Writers

On more than one occasion, Pot has said that she could get all of her plots from song lyrics.  She often finds inspiration there, and when she’s stuck, she often blames it on the lack of a decent playlist for a particular WIP.  I’ve been on a crusade the last year or so to introduce […]

Getting To Know You, Part 3: Structured Character Interviews

I’ve had a lot of fun writing out these posts.  I love, love, love doing character interviews and playing therapists to recalcitrant heros, heroines, and villains.  So far we’ve covered Unstructured Character Interviews and Semi-Structured Character Interviews.  Today I want to talk about the structured character interview. Now a structured interview from a clinical/therapeutic standpoint […]