Well, it’s official.  I am definitely codependent on my crit partner.  She’s been gone to Disney World for the last week with her family and I’ve been home missing the hell out of her, unable to write a coherent scene.  At least if I cut it all, it’s only 1826 words since she left.

It’s not that she writes it for me or anything, but she knows all the right questions to ask to get me to figure out what I need to figure out.  And she knows my world as well as she knows her own, so she often has great suggestions.  This is the mark of a kick ass crit partner.  Get away.  No, you can’t have her.  She’s mine! If you want one, go check out Crit Partner Match.

In the hour or so I’ve been up (I’m home sick today), she’s already helped me narrow down those plot holes that were big enough to drive a semi through.  Because she’s awesome like that.  And I might not have to cut all of what I wrote while she was gone.  So yay.  I do need to do a little bit of revision to my outline, but that’s not a problem.  We’ve trimmed out some complicatitis that might actually make this piece a bit shorter, which is also fine. She’s restored my faith in the story so that I can finish.

Welcome home Pot. 😀

In other news, hubby and I spent the weekend cleaning house, washing dogs, and looking at real estate and dreaming.  We fell in love with the perfect house in our price range, but it’s 10 miles into the county and on gravel roads, so no.  We fell into total lust with THE PERFECT HOUSE EVER, except that it’s 100k OUT of our price range, so no.  We aren’t seriously planning on buying this soon.  There are things we need to accomplish to get our own house sold, but we’re motivated, so we’re moving forward with that.

Also, check out my gorgeous new blog header, courtesy of Robin at Robin Ludwig Designs.  If you’re in a feed reader, click through to see.  It’s PRETTY!  Robin has the gift of understanding writer babble and taking the incoherent descriptions we give her and turning them into exactly what we want, but better.

5 thoughts on “Codependent

  1. Sorry you’re sick, Kait.

    Ref: house hunting
    Oh, man. It took us close to a year to find our place. It was a major headache, especially after we put our old place up for sale. That house sold almost too quickly and I was very nearly without a place to hang my coat. But all’s well that ends well. Just expect your stress level to go up 1000 % when numbers start crunching.

    Ref: header
    It’s gorgeous! Do you know what art library she uses for her art? It’s some of the best I’ve seen.

    1. I know she used Shutterstock for my cover images, but I’m not sure if the rest came from there or elsewhere. I’m so happy with it!

      Yeah I think I just have a summer cold or something. Ought to be fine tomorrow or day after. It’s license to sleep a lot today.

  2. Thanks for the welcome home.
    Genuflections for Robin. She kicks ass and is so great to work with and fun too. I hope more indies find her for their cover art and stuff. That would help with that whole raising the standards thing you were talking about last week.

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