Getting To Know You: Unstructured Character Interviews

As many of you know, my background is in clinical psychology.  After a brief stint doing therapy, I now occupy the paid portion of my days with research and teaching.  When Joely suggested a Character Clinic last week, I immediately knew that I wanted to talk about character interviews.   This has been my latest obsession, […]

Commenter Courtesy

I’ve been having one of those days.   You know the ones where nothing goes right from the moment you get out of bed in the morning?  My threshold for stupid was exactly nil, and my temper was on a very, very short leash.  Under those circumstances I received a comment on my old blog A […]

Concentric Circles

I’ve been a terribly unproductive girl today.  Well not on everything.  I had a class this morning that was an Introduction to Adobe Flash.  That was interesting.  Beyond that, my sum total accomplishment for the day is to get my cooking blog moved from (where I got sick of all the ads and the […]


Considering that I felt pretty well brain dead and hormonal yesterday, I made an astonishing amount of progress.  With Pot’s help, I finally settled on an actual name for my paranormal type FBI group (it’s the Investigation and Enforcement Division of the Council of Races, the IED, in case you care).  A small enough thing, […]

Car Thoughts

Long car trips across the midwest are excruciatingly boring.  No offense to people who live there, but eastern Arkansas and southern Missoui in the winter are just plain ugly.  So yeah, boring drive.  After I finished listening to the book I had on my Zune (Daniel Hecht’s City of Masks, which was really really good, […]

I’m Sick And Twisted…

In the midst of all the frantic work to write and put together my abnormal psych class the last 3 and a half weeks, I’ve been working as much as possible on the plotting front, and as I’ve already mentioned, Pot and I have been doing character interviews.  Mostly I’ve focused on Marley and Conall, […]


Today was the annual retreat for the Evil Day Job.  This meant essentially a 6 or 7 hour staff meeting at an environmental center on the river and no internet access.  In honor of my computerlessness (this is the one day a year that I wish I had a data plan on my Blackjack), Pot […]

Getting To Know You…Getting To Know All About You…

Everybody’s got different ways of approaching character development and getting to know the characters of a new work in progress.  Some people have basic character worksheets listing name, age, physical characteristics, likes and dislikes, etc. and they allow the rest of it to sort of come together as they write.  Been there, done that.  Some […]

In Search of the Perfect Plotting Tool

I am on blog holiday while I meet a deadline for Evil Day Job.  Please enjoy this rerun of one of my past posts. Okay, so I’ve been giving all sorts of things a trial run in terms of trying to outline Til Death Do Us Part (which needs a new title, so if you […]