Today was the annual retreat for the Evil Day Job.  This meant essentially a 6 or 7 hour staff meeting at an environmental center on the river and no internet access.  In honor of my computerlessness (this is the one day a year that I wish I had a data plan on my Blackjack), Pot and I decided to work on character interviews, so I sent her a bunch of questions for her hero, and she sent me all the Act 2 interview questions for my hero and heroine.  I made it through 12 of the 13 and wound up with 8 full pages of notes on my legal pad.  It was far more entertaining than listening to the endless debate about the company website and our lack of a PR person.

I’ve been on this kick lately of thinking of things right as I am falling asleep, and I’ve been getting up, writing them down (usually in an email to Pot), and then going to lay back down.  This often happens a couple of times before I can go to sleep.  Seriously, I need to start keeping a notebook by the bed.  The good news is that I have had some really helpful ideas that are helping me out for Act 2, which is always a struggle for me.  So yay for that.

I’m really happy with the results of these character interviews.  And Pot made some big breakthroughs today in her stuff.   I am hoping to sit down in a week or two and actually write out a formalized outline.  I should be getting to Act 3 interviews by next week.  And that’s going to be the bulk of my plot.  So I’ll  get my outline done, finish my interviews, and then hopefully, as I wind all that up, I’ll finish nailing down the last of my class stuff and be ready to hit the ground running with actual writing.

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