Car Thoughts

Long car trips across the midwest are excruciatingly boring.  No offense to people who live there, but eastern Arkansas and southern Missoui in the winter are just plain ugly.  So yeah, boring drive.  After I finished listening to the book I had on my Zune (Daniel Hecht’s City of Masks, which was really really good, btw), I spend the last few hours of the drive just thinking about HiS.  I was actually hoping to get some more insight into my bad guy, Knox.  What I actually did figure out was how the resort owner was murdered, how the old pack alpha was framed for it, and how the murder fits in with Anya’s disappearance and the rest of the story.  All of the sudden this whole plot thread sort of bloomed for me.  I had to call Pot from the road to tell it to her so she could write it up and email it to me since I couldn’t very well write it down while I was on the interstate.   She’s cool like that.

I am otherwise mostly on vacation this week, so I don’t know how much I’m going to get done while I’m here.  This is my time to recoup and rest from the gigantic push to get my class finished.  My brain has officially flipped into autopilot, and I’m already feeling less strained.  I think when I get back I’ll be raring to go.  I need to figure out the major conundrums to consider on the drive home on Tuesday.

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