Back In The Saddle…And Riding Hell For Leather

Well I’m back from my fabulous vacation from Kansas City.  Five whole days (okay four) of being almost completely disconnected from my regular life here.  I had to keep up with my students, of course, and I talked with my DH, but otherwise, nada.  It was incredible.  I didn’t get much done on the writing front, though I did finish my interview with my bad guy and have that breakthrough about one of the plotlines.  Mostly I let my brain rest and reset.  Which was exactly what I needed.  On the drive back yesterday, I got a zillion phone calls and it was like all these hooked lines from life back here snagging me and dragging me back, kicking and screaming.  I kept getting this mental image of Dean from Supernatural while he was in hell.  Probably way overdramatic but I really didn’t want to come home.  My boss from my EDJ called around lunchtime yesterday wanting me to come into the office in the afternoon to take care of some stuff.  Excuse me?  “I’m in St. Louis.”  “Oh, you’re not back in town?”  “No.  I’m on vacation.”  “Oh.”  I’m really hacked off about it because whether I was out of state or in town, I took vacation days, which means that she had no claim on me until 8 AM this morning.

Anyway, I’m back, have dealt with the massive backlog of email, unpacked, done dishes, paid bills, and I am making a lengthy list of things I need to accomplish.  I’m playing a seriously frantic game of catch up.  It’s come to my attention that some of the questions I uploaded into the test pools for the chapter quizzes did not upload with the correct answers–which means I need to check all 700+ questions for the entire semester.  Can you hear my excitement?  Not to mention I still have six lectures to record in Camtasia, the unit tests to write, and some grading to do.  AND the ever so exciting trip to the grocery, massive pile of laundry (both DH and I have been out of town), a full blitz cleaning of the house, and general need to organize.  I know you’re ecstatic I’m sharing all this with you.

Anyway, all this to say that I’m playing this big game of catch up in order to clear my plate and get back in the groove.  I’m so envious just now of my friend Jen Hendren, who is taking a 9 day vacation from work, family, even the internet, to finish her agent requested revisions on one major WIP.  Nine whole days. I can’t imagine.

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