Daily Progress Report

Til Death: 2122

Daily Goal: Met

Well today went better than I expected it to.  Normally when I’ve had several days off what I write totally sucks and must later be rewritten.  While today’s stuff wasn’t fantastic, it didn’t totally suck either.  I went well beyond my word goal for the day, largely because I forgot I had bread rising in the oven and had to stay up for it to do second rise and bake.  Which was an extra hour and a half of writing.  As it turns out I now have very flat bread.  I need to stay out of the kitchen.  Anyway, I got through the scene in which the killer finds out one of his old kills has been discovered and remembers it.  I also managed to introduce the heroine’s brother (who will have his own book someday).  Tomorrow I’ll finish out the scene with Marin and Carter (the brother), then move on to a scene with Wyatt and Spence (the best friend).  Now I must pass out.

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