In Search of Wind For Sails…

Well, I’ve already made my words for the day.  I’m excited about that.  But Pot is tied up with family stuff and won’t be around until tonight and I don’t know what happens next!  I mean, it’s better that this happen AFTER I get my words for the day.  But when I’ve got extra time to write, I’d like to be getting more words down!  But I’ve lost the wind in my sails!  I hate when she’s not around to brainstorm.  I mean, I can talk to my dogs (or the wall, in this case, as I’m still at work) but they don’t tend to offer wonderful suggestions or ask good questions like Pot does.  I’ve been trying to think what she would ask if she were here.  “What’s the next important thing you need to show in the story?”  “What kind of scene would best reflect that?”  “Where’s the gratuitous bare chest scene?”  Oh, no wait, that one’s me.  🙂

I’m not doing so well with the multi-tasking lately.  I officially should be barred from my kitchen.  Sunday I burned the chili while I was writing my scene.  Last night I overcooked the taco soup leftovers while writing.  AND I forgot I had bread rising in the oven until three hours after I was supposed to have punched it down and set it for second rise.  I wound up with two loaves of 1 inch high bread.  I believe we’ll be making lots of bread crumbs.  But I guess it does show you where my brain tends to go when it has limited attention or capabilities–to the story.   After that it’s straight to one thought: SLEEP!

Christmas will be less hectic this year since five people won’t be coming.  We’ll all be more laid back, and that will mean a bit more time to write for me.  Yay.  We’ll be doing Christmas in the afternoon on Christmas day since dear hubby has to work his usual 11p-7a shift all through the holidays.  He’ll come in and sleep and we’ll get started that afternoon with presents and stuff.  My present to myself will be–I hope–getting words done, despite my mother’s visit.  But I have to figure out more plot!

If I shut my office door and took a nap, would anyone notice?

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