Kettle From Pot’s II

Ick, it was a rainy, yucky, sky like pewter day.  We went shopping.  I spend my Pier One (big metal artpiece thing to hang by my front door) and Target (mats to put under the home gym that will be arriving in a few days)  gift cards and then we went to McKay’s (big used bookstore they have here that it’s good we don’t have at home–I would get into soooooo much trouble).  I picked up about eight new books with my Christmas money.  Don’t have them here–threw them in the trunk when we got back, but I’ll list an accounting later.  I picked up several new authors I’ve not read before and a few I had.  Pot’s hubby has taken her DD, so we’re having girls’ night!  There will be popcorn and movies and much discussing of our current WIP heroes.  Woo!  Oh there’s Pot with the popcorn.  Must jet.

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