Daily Progress Report

Til Death: 2,000

Daily Goal: Met

Well I finally got going on the writing again.  I did a full read through today, finally added in Tate, my heroine’s best friend, and worked my way through the interview with the victim’s parents.  Now I’m set up to use a couple more of the ghosty scenes from the first draft between the other scenes, which I really need to figure out in this next segment.  It doesn’t come clear for me again until the end of the character’s week.  It’s back to the day job tomorrow (groan), so not sure how much work I’ll get done.  I’m not breaking my neck beyond the normal daily and weekly goals between now and the end of the Sweat.  Maybe if I get really inspired I’ll make my 95k total written, but since it’s not all on the same draft of the same piece, it’s not a big deal if I don’t make it.  I’ve got the daily writing thing down pat anyway.

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